Thursday , 21 October 2021
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Arum farming gains momentum in Narsingdi on high demand in overseas

 M.A. Awal, Narsingdi

Arum, locally known as Latiraj Kochu has created a new source for the people of Narsingdi as it is in high demand in overseas markets.

Farmers have been cultivating in different areas of the district including of Kachikata, Khedirpur, har Manddaliya, Hatirdiya of Monohardi upazila, Shayednagar, Putia, Baroterkandi, Shadarchar, Bagabo, Brahmondi, Noadia, Lampur of Shibpur upazila and Amlabo, Charvelabo, Baroycha of Belabo upazila for long.

About 20-25 trucks of arum leves and mother arum (Latiraj Kochu) are sent from the district to Karwan Bazar, Shyam Bazar and different other kitchen market of Dhaka and other parts of the country everyday.

Farmers and local traders of Kundarpara arum market in Shibpur upazila demanded building of an arum processing zone here.

In this season new farmers brought a vast tract of land under the arum cultivation as it proved profitable. It rieeds less production cost then any other crop. It is the only crop that requires no pesticide. The farmers have shown their interest in the farming as it is almost a natural calamity-free crop.

In local kitcchen markets one kg Latiraj is being sold and Tk 40 and one maund Tk 1600.

Locally known as Latiraj arum is a favorite vegetable of many people. Arum cultivation has brought fortune for many farmers in the district with its bumper production and high profit this season.

The good arum harvest has been attributed to suitable soil, favourable weather and necessary help fro the local agriculture officers.

Latafut Hassain Deputy director of the Department of Agriculture Narsingdi Extension said Arum is an environment friendly. Poisonfree and nourishing crop. The agriculture department has been advising farmers on cultivating arum of the high yield variety.

Different varieties of arum are cultivated in the district including whith and red colour. Almost all the varietes are grown in the waterloggd areas. The cultivation of Latiraj variety is gaining poplarity among the farmers as it is about five times more profitable tan paddy farming.

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