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Bangladesh will be 23rd economy if…

The country can emerge as one of the world’s three fastest growing economies in the next three decades if mass education is ensured to raise productivity of youthful populations.  Highlighting Bangladesh’s potential until 2050, PricewaterhouseCoopers has put conditions of “sustained economic reforms” and proper “institutions” for attaining higher growth over a long period of time. Bangladesh is projected to become ... Read More »

One Belt and One Road Initiative: BD-China Relationship, Development Partnership & Cooperation

  By Dr. Muhammad Samad   The Belt and Road Initiative It is widely observed that the underlying impact of the international financial crisis keeps emerging; the world economy is recovering slowly, and global development is uneven; the international trade and investment landscape and rules for multilateral trade and investment are undergoing major adjustments; and countries still face big challenges ... Read More »

Will India dash UK trade deal hopes?

Justin Rowlatt, South Asia correspondent, BBC On Sunday Theresa May will land in smoggy Delhi with a large entourage of diplomats, advisers, business people and press in tow. This is an important visit. It is the new British prime minister’s first bilateral meeting outside Europe, the first step in her mission to “forge a new global role for the UK”. ... Read More »

Farakka-Rampal: An impediment to Bangladesh-India relations

Anu Muhammad           When powerful people dismiss any serious threat of damage, brushing it off with a scornful, “no harm will be done”, we are prone to simply accept their assertion. They are not too far from the truth. After all, no harm will be done to them. They can create immeasurable harm to places and people, ... Read More »

Banking for the poor

Arup Chatterjee             Giving the poor access to financial services is accepted wisdom. What isn’t appreciated is how this is undermined by a lingering lack of trust in banks among the people most in need of their services. While many banks in advanced economies are viewed as self-serving and unaccountable, Asia’s banks were largely untainted ... Read More »

Expatriate Bangladeshis in a hostile world

           Syed Abul Maksud Bombarded with news of sensational and unusual events every day, we often lose sight of important and pressing matters. These matters require effective action, which unfortunately is not taken. Over the last few weeks, there has been news of some Bangladeshis being killed in the US and Canada. These incidents have been ... Read More »

“Brexit” and BD:Some economic implications

Dr. Abdullah Shibli Bangladesh is not about to face a doomsday scenario when Britain finally leaves the European Union in 2019 as expected. It is quite possible that between now (August 2016) and 2019 (called “B-Day” in Whitehall) when Britain officially leaves the EU, many other major events can affect our economic and political landscape, but it is unlikely that ... Read More »

BB forecasts higher economic growth, lower inflation The central bank has targeted higher economic growth but lower inflation for fiscal 2016-17 as it unveiled its cautious monetary policy for the next six months yesterday. “In one word, the monetary policy is cautious but accommodative,” Bangladesh Bank Governor Fazle Kabir told reporters at his office after unveiling the Monetary Policy Statement for July-December. In his first MPS ... Read More »

Eid sales on in full swing Eid shopping is going on in full swing as festival-makers are thronging city markets to buy their Eid gifts. Visiting different shopping centres over the last couple of days, some individuals in their efforts have been heard to ‘buy some joys’ for their near and dear ones on the occasion of Eid. People are seen crowding the luxurious shopping ... Read More »

Cyber Violence against Women and Girls: A World-Wide Wake-Up Call

Nitol Dewan Recently while I was watching Monica Lewinsky’s Ted Talk (The Price of Shame) on YouTube, I was compelled to rethink the invasion of information and communication technology in our lives. During the talk, when Ms. Lewinsky was going through examples (including her own story) and the aftermath of so called cyber bullying on affected people around the world, ... Read More »