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76 percent of world’s population overfat About 5.5 billion people -up to 76 percent of the world’s population -are `over fat’, warn researchers. They said that the new pandemic had overtaken the planet and argued for a change in global health efforts against chronic and metabolic diseases. The researchers, including those from Auckland University of Technology, have put forth a specific notion of overfat, a ... Read More »

Watching too much TV leads to social isolation


IANS , Toronto             Kids who watch too much television are at risk of victimisation and social isolation and adopting violent and antisocial behaviour toward other students by age 13, says a study. “Children who watched a lot of television growing up were more likely to prefer solitude, experience peer victimisation, and adopt aggressive and ... Read More »

Coffee can cure erectile dysfunction and is good for heart?


On October 1, International Coffee Day, we round up some of the ways coffee can boost health, giving you a good reason to say yes to another cup of joe. Coffee can help lower the risk of diabetes. A 2014 study found that those who increased their daily caffeine intake by about 1.5 cups of coffee a day over a ... Read More »

Surprising health benefits of turmeric

Life Style Desk Turmeric was once nothing more than a spice in the cupboard you might add to the occasional curry. Yet it`s being hailed as the new supper food that will cure everything from heartburn to food poisoning. I am not normally won over by such claims about specific foods, but there is something potentially persuasive about this humble ... Read More »

Important tips for veggie haters Love veggie or hate, you cannot deny their importance. That vegetables are healthy has to be the most understated health truism of the 21st century. Easily the most health-promoting food group on the planet, vegetables are powerhouses of fiber and antioxidants. So, what do self-confessed veggie haters (like me!) do? One thing`s for sure, cheating veggie haters into eating ... Read More »

Tips on what to eat before and after exercise


Health Desk It is never late in life to begin exercising. If you have been planning on a new fitness plan, then there a number of things you must keep in mind, chiefly food. You ought to know the best food to opt for, which will fuel your workout and help you get the most out of it afterwards. Dalton ... Read More »

Eid sales on in full swing Eid shopping is going on in full swing as festival-makers are thronging city markets to buy their Eid gifts. Visiting different shopping centres over the last couple of days, some individuals in their efforts have been heard to ‘buy some joys’ for their near and dear ones on the occasion of Eid. People are seen crowding the luxurious shopping ... Read More »

Ginger ‘options for morning sickness’

Taking ginger or using acupressure on the wrist may help some women with mild morning sickness, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) says. Its guidance suggests these therapies could offer alternatives to women who want to avoid medication. But it says anti-sickness drugs and hospital treatment are important in more severe cases. The recommendations are in line with ... Read More »

Eating brocolli may keep cancers at bay

Consuming broccoli or brassica vegetable like kale or cabbage every three or four days may also lower the risk of cancers and other degenerative diseases, a new study suggests. The scientists identified genes in broccoli that control the accumulation of phenolic compounds associated with a lowered risk of coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes, asthma and several types of cancer. ... Read More »