Wednesday , 20 October 2021
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Sikkim eyes Bangladesh market for export of hydel power from Teesta The government of India’s Sikkim state is in talks with authorities in Dhaka to export hydroelectric power to Bangladesh, reports The Economic Times.  It said the Power Trading Corporation (PTC) has been tasked to explore possibilities of export to Bangladesh, ahead of the commissioning of the 1200-megawatt Teesta-III project in North Sikkim in 2017. Teesta is a common river ... Read More »

Cabinet clears regulatory body for drugs The government has approved a regulatory body for controlling the manufacturing, quality assurance, sales and export of pharmaceuticals from Bangladesh.  The Cabinet cleared the amended ‘National Drug Policy, 2016’ during a meeting at the Secretariaton Monday. The government will now publish the policy in the form of a circular. The National Drug Regulatory Authority will check on quality starting ... Read More »

Teesta water treaty in future

PTI, Kolkata Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal says he believes the Teesta river water-sharing treaty with India will be a reality in future but maintained that relations between the two countries do not depend on this single treaty. “Any treaty is done on the basis of a mutual interest of both the countries. A treaty cannot be signed by neglecting ... Read More »

Mongla Port capacity expanding

Bagerhat Correspondent The capacity of Mongla seaport is expanding. Modern equipment for cargo handling is being procured, navigability problems are being resolved and several other projects have been implemented to develop the port further. Importers and exporters are turning more and more towards this seaport, the second largest in the country. As a result, the port saw a 28 per ... Read More »

Bangladesh to graduate from LDC status in 2024: UNCTAD Bangladesh is expected to graduate from the group of the least developed countries in the 2017-2024 period, according to a report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). “Bangladesh is projected to graduate in 2024 meeting all three criteria: income, human asset index and economic vulnerability index, said UNCTAD in the report-”The Least Developed Countries Report ... Read More »

India offers more time to black money hoarders to come clean

The Indian government has extended the span of the income declaration scheme from Dec 17- March 31. In order to give another chance to black money hoarders to come clean, the government on Friday introduced the second round of Income Declaration Scheme that will commence from 17 December and run till 31 March. Under the scheme, individuals can declare their ... Read More »

ILO chief bemoans BD factory worker-owner relations

Guy Ryder, the visiting ILO Director-General, has said relations between workers and factory owners in Bangladesh left much to be desired, reports  “My impression here is there is not the level of confidence and trust between employers and workers which is what is needed both to ensure good working conditions, but also to ensure the factory are productive and ... Read More »

Reshuffle in secretaries at four ministries, two divisions The government has appointed new secretaries to four of its ministries and two divisions. Names have also been announced for new chairpersons of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and the Bangladesh Energy and Power Research Council. A public administration ministry order on Thursday elevated an acting secretary to the rank of secretary. Seven additional secretaries were made acting secretaries before they ... Read More »

War veterans see great prospect of Bangladesh Indian and Russian war veterans, who fought for liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971, yesterday expressed their firm conviction that Bangladesh will make great progress in the near future to be a great country in the global arena. They highly appreciated massive transformation of Bangladesh in various areas and wished every success of the country and its people. The ... Read More »

Muhith seeks specific proposal for capital market development Finance Minister AMA Muhith on Wednesday asked the DSE Brokers Association of Bangladesh (DBA) to give specific proposals to help further development of the country’s capital market to the greater benefit of the national economy. “I want two proposals on negative equity and how to operate and use the market stability funds,” he said while meeting with the newly ... Read More »