Thursday , 22 April 2021
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MIT , ICT Division will likely to co-work on frontier tech: Palak

ICT minister “MIT is one the best researcher institutes for the digital revolution in the globe and advanced research taking place in MIT Connection Science. The advance cutting edge research happening in MIT Connection Science in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data, IoT and other frontier technologies. Our government is committed to realize Digital Bangladesh and become a ... Read More »

Galaxy C9 Pro pre-order begins in Bangladesh


IT Desk After launching the Galaxy C9 Pro exclusively in China last October, Samsung is gradually expanding its availability, both region-wise and color-wise. Region-wise the head-turner phone will enter the Bangladesh market soon where the device has appeared for pre-booking today. Samsung’s first 6GB RAM smartphone, the Galaxy C9 Pro has already hit the markets in Hong Kong, where it ... Read More »

Uber raises fare price two months after Dhaka launch


Uber has increased its fare two months after launching the ride-hailing service in Dhaka, reports  The hike for UberX, the lowest-cost option, was announced on Friday. The new rates will come into effect from Monday. Users of the app-based taxi service will be paying Tk 21 per km, instead of Tk 18 per km and Tk 3 per min ... Read More »

What Earth will look like in 250 million years


IT Desk Researchers have predicted that a new megacontinent – Amasia – will form in the next 250 million years. North and South America will crunch together, with the Caribbean Sea and Arctic Ocean disappearing, while Asia will join the Americas, according to new simulations from Yale University researchers and Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. This will happen ... Read More »

Palak unveils Bangabandhu Rajshahi Silicon City’s construction

 Rajshahi Correspondent State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Zunaid Ahmed Palak on Friday unveiled the foundation-stone of a portion of infrastructure of Bangabandhu Rajshahi Silicon City project at Zianagar area in the metropolis. ICT division has started implementing the hi-tech park project on 34 acres of land at a cost of Taka 281.91 crore as the present government ... Read More »

WeChat launches ‘Mini Programmes’, challenges App Store

IT Desk The ‘mini programmes’ do not require downloading, rather they are small components of the WeChat app, while providing all the necessary functions of a mobile application. Tencent, makers of WeChat, launched ‘Mini Programmes,’ a cloud-based app store in China on Monday. The $240bn Chinese internet giant, Tencent, introduced its mobile app as WeChat which has at least 846million monthly ... Read More »

Global Brand introduces ASUS Storage Server

global Global Brand Private Limited is introducing ASUS high speed storage server with extreme performance and expandability. In Bangladesh market for the first time ASUS is introducing the complete server. It is a Taiwan based server (country of origin: Taiwan, country of assembles: Taiwan). Basically it’s a Rack Server and its model no: RS270-E8-RS24-ECP). It’s a Dual CPU server with ... Read More »

Samsung J7 Prime

IT Desk The J7 could surprise you in many ways. For starters, it appears more premium than its price bracket would suggest. The front is a slightly curved-edge glass with a mostly metal back. Looks like a mix between an S7 and an iPhone and that too with a 3.5mm jack. That is like getting Katy Perry, Zoe Deschanel and ... Read More »

Missing element found in Earth’s core

BBC Online Japanese scientists believe they have established the identity of a “missing element” within the Earth’s core. They have been searching for the element for decades, believing it makes up a significant proportion of our planet’s centre, after iron and nickel. Now by recreating the high temperatures and pressures found in the deep interior, experiments suggest the most likely ... Read More »

Giant asteroid passes just 120,000 miles from Earth

IT Desk An asteroid as big as a 10-story building has passed by Earth at a distance half that of the Moon, researchers have revealed. The asteroid, dubbed 2017 AG13, was only spotted only Saturday by the University of Arizona’s Catalina Sky Survey. It is between 50 and 111 feet (15 to 34 meters) long, and when it passed by ... Read More »