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Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher: Business tycoon with a difference

Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher: Business tycoon with a difference

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Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher has made significant contribution to the Bangladesh national Exchequer by ensuring a regular flow of foreign currency worth of millions of US dollars. His unique position as a business tycoon, the internationally recognized best stylish deep-rooted friendship with the powerful world leaders in Washington, Moscow and London that used to decide the fate of many nations, created a stir in the world press. Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher assumed the character of an enigmatic figure. Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher has already been recognized an adored celebrity in the western society and so primarily, by a host of most powerful heads of states including Nelson Mandela. We hope, he will be rightly recognized in his own country. The Business Asia special issue will provide a good window for our valued readers to form their valuable opinion about Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher as a prodigy of this soil.

His eminent Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher is not only the greatest style icon and the world’s best dressed man but also one of the internationally celebrated business tycoon.  For the last 35 years, he is regarded as the richest tycoon of the subcontinent. A renowned Malta based CA firm’s audit report-2007 as revealed by FIU, states that he made $10 billion (ten billion dollars), mostly from the international arms trading by selling tanks; fighter planes ICBMs and power brokerage that he had carried outside Bangladesh. Due to the shameless act of FIU the billionaire Prince was hurt and devastated. Prince Moosa is renowned and honored as an accomplished international arms dealer world wide and has been acclaimed as the monumental figure in defense trade. Besides, he the greatest defense strategist of the modern time. He has added a unique innovative dimension to the defense trade globally and helped many nations modernize their defense systems reaping greater benefits. It is not unreal that Prince Moosa is held as the golden boy and the dream child by the world media. A series of international press coverage on him showed his eminent as an adored iconic and paramount figure. Folklores and legends of his royal lifestyle, gorgeous attires, immense wealth and the meteoric rise to fame and fortune at the early age, went to form a fairy tale – nay, to the greatest thrilling of the millions of fads and friends whom Prince Moosa holds in cities and hamlets around the world. His eminent is considered as the glorious symbol of style fashion and aristocracy and the lux of modern civilization as held by different world famous fashion magazines and leading newspapers for the last 3 decades.

He is by far, the perfect and accomplished man that’s how he is adored by most of his admirers and well-wishers. The London Telegraph, the famous British magazine, published an extraordinary investigative cover-story on Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher, portraying him as an adored business magnate and a tycoon. It followed a series of widespread sensational media reports, mostly in the west. The Telegraph’s special correspondent, Nigel Ferndale while filing the cover story captioned it, Man with the Golden Guns and provided a snug place thus, Hideously rich and The world’s largest ego and continued, Here is the international arms dealer now happily occupying a forefront position in the world and added. He is popularly known, particularly in the western society, as the Prince of Bangladesh. He is verily known as the Lux of modern civilization because of his unprecedented classic lifestyle.

Indeed, the luminous epithet of His Excellency Boris Yeltsin, the former Russian President on Prince Moosa as The Prince of Princes will remain everlasting in the domain of world culture.

A futurologist may well predict that the very name of the adored Prince, who has made an awe bedecked niche in the sartorial world as the King of Fashion, is destined to go in red-letter as the greatest stylish icon and the best dressed man of all times to come.

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