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Dr Moosa Bin Shamsher:A great visionary pathfinder turned dreams of millions into reality changing  fate of BD

Dr Moosa Bin Shamsher:A great visionary pathfinder turned dreams of millions into reality changing fate of BD

Special Correspondent

The Holiday, an aristocratic English weekly of the country has recently published a special report highlighting a host of eminent personalities yet to be recognized by the nation. The report has been filed by F.R. Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi overseas resident in London. It was captioned, “The unsung heroes in Bangladesh” – The contributor expressed his great deplore for non-recognition of great scholars and eminent personalities who are now presumed to die beyond the back and knowledge of the people. It throws a tincture of tragedy just as obtained in the English poet Gray’s “Elegy written in a country churchyard”, The immortal poem begins, “Full many a gems of purest ray serene born to blush unseen.” But the intro deserved somehow or other a sensor. Anyway, he retrieved as he made a due painful reference to the paramount and great leaders of the country, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and President Zia who laid down their lives for the nation without unqualified state- mourning However, he has duly paid tributes among other luminaries, to Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher who beside his other salutary deeds, almost single handedly  explored and painstakingly created the manpower sector of the country as its pre-eminent architect. The contributor deserves cue do from the innumerable fads of Dr. Moosa lying around the world, for the contributor’s genuine feelings about this Great Son of the soil. He has rightly noted that Dr. Moosa has contributed immensely towards revamping the national economy.

Had not this great personality of the land, the most farsighted but young business magnet, initiated his long envisioned project for his nation in order to turn his dream into reality, most probably the present vibrant Bangladesh would have remain awful as Somalia.

It’s true, during the early years of our independence, Bangladesh was beset with immense crises while the people, in general, were still carrying the brunts of the sue do-colonialism of Pakistan. At that juncture, a young and articulated and flamboyant youth of the independent soil, landed a giant factory at Doha in the Gulf State of Qatar under a joint venture with the Gulf state’s Royal Family. Thus, he instrumented to recruit 3000 workers for his overseas factory from Dhaka. But unfortunately, Bangladesh was absent in the overseas manpower inventory of the country for want of protocols. Immediately, he flew back to Dhaka to discuss with the Government. There also he was highly frustrated to mark the inertia of the responsible high government officials. Whereas, his heart eked to see the present miserable economic condition of the country but intensely desired to see the fruition of his long cherished dream to see the translation of the hopes and aspirations of the masses and so, to flicker hopes at every hut of the country. Without wasting time, he managed to call on the Father of the nation and the Honorable President of the Republic Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahmah. He was personally acquainted with Bangabandhu since 1960’s while Moosa was very close to him as a highly promising and fire-branded leader of the student wing of East Pakistan Awami League. He explained everything to the President and cited the manpower export policies of India, Pakistan and Philippines. The President was highly impressed and overwhelmed to mark the unreal and magnificent manpower export plan of Dr. Moosa that conceived with 100 % guarantee of success. Now the President was bent upon salvaging the nation presently passing through a lot of orgies. Bangabandhu introduced Dr. Moosa as a bright Bangladeshi entrepreneur camped at Qatar, to his Private Secretary, Rafiqullah Chowdhury, the celestial father of the Speaker of the current Bangladesh Parliament. Rafiqullah Chowdhury in his turn, immediately referred Dr. Moosa to the Secretary of Labor and other high officials concerned and added that Moosa carried the conscience of the President so far as manpower export was concerned. Dr. Moosa even impressed upon the Minster that it was the high time to control the ever rising unemployment problem that had already drawn the anxious attention of the nation. But owing to sudden and unwarranted saddest demise of Bangandhu and the abrupt change of the Government, all his efforts were put on hold. Subsequently in 1976, A.M. Mesbahuddin, the Secretary of Labor, and a seasoned bureaucrat, provided unqualified official supports to the dream project of Dr. Moosa. The secretary worked day and night with his efficient team to throw the plan of Dr. Moosa and thus,  the country’s greatest ever project as of Moosa’s Qatar Plan changed the whole scenario of the country and not to speak of the good fate of millions of Bangladeshis.

Thanks to the Almighty, his well rap ported relations and contacts with the most Governments of Middle East had proved potentials in opening the petro-dollar gate for our workers. As a result, it created a large pipeline of remittances to our national Exchequer. In its wake, the country recovered mostly from the yet whimpering national economy.

In mid 1976, while Moosa Bin Shamsher was in a business tour to Saudi Arabia, he threw a business session at Jeddah for Saudi entrepreneurs comprising mostly Royal Princes. Several country-heads of overseas enterprises operating in the holy land, were also guests of honor on the occasion. HRH Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia was the chief guest.
While introducing Dr. Moosa as his dear friend to the esteemed guests present, HRH Prince Sultan spoke eloquently about his international stature. The host in his welcome speech, explained among other aspects, the specialty of Bangladesh workers. He also made an oblique reference to the hazards presently faced by Bangladesh. He now made a passionate appeal calling upon the Royal Saudi authority to treat Bangladesh as a most favored nation. His clarion call literally reverberated throughout the whole of the Middle-East and beyond. In its wake the great Saudi market for Bangladesh manpower was opened followed by other GCC countries. Henceforth, Saudi Arabia became a great partner in Bangladesh development. In spite of his very busy schedule, notwithstanding his defense business meetings with different governments, he used every quarter to lobby successfully to increase the Bangladesh quota of manpower imports of various countries. The unique efforts of Dr. Moosa eventually benefited this sector immensely. He also painstakingly threw his weight upon world’s biggest construction companies operating in the Mideast and some African countries to draw Bangladeshi workers in a greater volume with added facilities. Thus, Moosa Bin Shamsher again paved the way for overseas remittances unfettered to Bangladesh, essentially required for the national reconstruction.

At the second stage, Moosa undertook hectic activities in manpower in the North African countries, especially Libya. These yielded a great success. Hundreds and thousands of Bangladeshi youths made their fortune there as Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher recruited them in bulk to feed the demands of the overseas enterprisers, particularly his South Korean associates operating there. He achieved great successes in remitting foreign currency at home with a greater volume, to the great relief of the government.

Yet, he knew no rest or respite. He turned the lee of his merchandise eastward and established manpower business link with the South Korean enterprisers, particularly Dongah Consortium and achieved a grand success afresh creating a new market for Bangladesh workforce.

The job market of Middle East is a recognized issue to most Bangladeshis. But they might not be well informed about Moosa’s expansion of the legitimized employment opportunities market to South Korea. When Moosa successfully managed to induct Bangladesh in the list of source country of overseas recruitment for South Korea thru the South Korean parliament, nay – the Government. Accordingly thousands of workers were deployed smoothly and with grand success. Moosa sailed across the troubled water quite comfortably. Tracts of relevant record will speak that it was possible only by the unqualified support of the 50-51 Korean War heroes and later the US Ambassador at Seoul and high-ranking Korean officials he managed to open the gate of South Korean market for Bangladeshi manpower. But it was very unfortunate due to mishandling of unscrupulous manpower exporters, the Korean government decided to impose restrictions on entry of Bangladesh workers into this great emerging Asian Tiger. It was again, owing to the tireless efforts of Dr. Moosa that the friendly Korean country brought some changes in the existing restrictions and resolved finally to recruit Bangladeshi workers at the state level.

Now, when the Bangladesh had just poised for the 21st Century, he pushed the sail of the merchandise once again and this time to Europe. With utmost endeavors and at great expenses, he opened the Golden Gate of Europe for Bangladesh workforce. For want of protocols between Bangladesh and schengen countries, he managed to induct Bangladesh thru commercial diplomacy, in Italy as a source country for manpower. Thus, he paved the way for recruitment of Bangladeshi workers here not in a bulk but on individual cases creating in its wake a new broad pipeline for overseas remittances to his motherland – Bangladesh. Incidentally, by influencing the senior Italian Parliamentarians, he managed to recognize the diploma of Bangladesh Nurse Council opening the most happy and potential corridor of Europe for recruiting Bangladeshi nurses. They are presently to be reckoned at dozens and so, their contributions towards our overseas remittance are no mean. Dr. Moosa deserves again undisputed credit from all corners as the worthy son of the democracy.

In his prime, Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher made a meteoric rise in mid 70’s, initially in the international trade soon to turn an international arms dealer trimming laurels for Bangladesh.

Indeed, the international media acknowledged him as the youngest tycoon of Asia as well as the Best Dressed Man of the East since late 70s. Albeit, he is not a prince by birth, but he acts like a prince and behaves like a prince and so, in due recognition, the royal courts of the western world formally acknowledged him as the Prince of Bangladesh. He has also added a new feather to the national cap by virtue of his unique position as the lone international arms dealer of the land. Does not this great Glorious Son of Bangladesh deserve a standing ovation from the nation as an adored national hero? Should HRH Prince of Bangladesh die an ignominious death with his innumerable fads around the world to remorse and lament, “Alas! He died un-mourned, unsung and unlamented”. The wailing masses on the other hand, will offer parking salute saying “bini bedi dici”.

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