Sunday , 24 May 2015
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New Walton Primo X-2 handset to hit markets

New Walton Primo X-2 handset to hit markets

Walton mobile phone sets have generated huge response in the market. Especially its Primo series attain a wide response from the young customers. Among the Primo handsets, Primo-X1 is being sold widely. Considering the continuous demand of Primo handsets, Walton is now going to present Primo X-2 to the users.

The new handset of Primo X series is very gorgeous in looking and the standard of the set is outstanding as well. It’s expected that the new Android set will fulfill the demand of the third generation (3G) Smartphone users.

Sources at the Walton’s Cellular Phone Division said X-1, the first handset of Primo X series, has got a wide range of response from the customers. Smartphone loving young generation is widely talking about the phone.

This broad response of the users cheered up Walton authorities. Following the continuous demand of the market, the new highly modern X series handset is due to hit the market. This latest model of X series is being called the most prestigious phone set of Walton Primo series.

The Marketing Department of Walton Mobile Phone Division informed that the new Primo X-2 handset will be available at mobile phone markets including the Walton Plazas across the country from end of August.
The Primo X-2 handset has all modern features. It is run by Android Jelly Bean (4.2.1) operating system. It has high speed Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM.

Primo X-2 handset is also equipped with second-generation vivid IPS 5-inch ultra full HD display (441ppi). Third generation gorilla glass has been used to prevent its display from getting scratched. It has also high definition video recording and playback facilities.

Moreover, Primo X-2 has 13.0 megapixel auto-focus back camera and 5.0 megapixel front camera as well to capture self-portrait. It ensures taking snaps of high quality pictures in dim light. The handset offers 3G video calling facilities.

While talking about the upcoming X-2 handset, Walton’s Deputy Directors of Cellular Phone Division S.M. Rejoan Alam said: “We are very hopeful about the new set. It is the most prestigious handset of Walton brand. We hope the phone set will generate huge response among the Smartphone loving people. Because, Primo X-2 has every modern feature like other Smart phones available in the market.”
“The upcoming handset will remain within the affordability of the common people,” he added.

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