Monday , 26 July 2021
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12 sailors rescued from sunken vessel in Bay


Chittagong Bureau

Rescue team of Chittagong Port Authority lively  rescued 12 sailors of a sunken lighter vessel from Bay of Bengal on Monday and Tuesday morning . The cement clinker laden Lighter vessel MV Khan & Sons-1 sinks at outer anchor of the port  following the collision with a foreign vessel on Monday night.

Port rescue team rescued 4 sailors on Monday night at about 11 pm and another 8 rescued in the next morning before 10 am , Deputy conservator of CPA said. CPA sources said  clinker laden mother vessel MV Santa Brilliant collides the anchored lighter vessel while taking berth in outer anchor at about 10 pm on Monday leaves the lighter vessel sank.

After sensing the news of the capsize of lighter vessel, port rescue team rushed to the spot and immediately rescued 4 sailors . The ligher vessel owned by Olympic Cement industry , sources said.

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