Ranveer Singh files FIR for deepfake video

Entertainment Desk

After Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, it was the turn of actor Ranveer Singh to file an FIR with Mumbai police for a deepfake video of himself purportedly endorsing the Congress party in the ongoing parliamentary elections.

A 41-second video of the “Padmaavat” actor recently surfaced online in which he is purportedly heard voicing his political views. However, it now turns out that the video was made using an artificial intelligence voice clone of the actor.

Earlier, Aamir had filed an FIR for a 30-second video that shows him purportedly saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to keep campaign promises and to address critical economic issues.

Both AI-generated videos end with the Congress election symbol and slogan Vote for Justice, Vote for Congress.

Aamir and Ranveer have said the videos are fake. Facebook, X and at least eight fact-checking websites have said they are altered or manipulated.

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