Friday , 25 June 2021
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25,000 trees get life at Lawachhara

Md. Mosabbir ALi,  Kulaura

 Nationwide human chain, press briefing, providing the memorandums, signature campaign and mass awareness including different type of programmes held to stop decided to cutting 25 thousands trees under Lawacherra forest in Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar district.

In this regards administrations cancel their decision on Thursday meeting and protect biodiversity and the environment of the Lawacherra National forest.
Abdul Karim Kim, general secretary of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon, Sylhet chapter said, some local organizations including environmentalists reiterated their opposition to the proposed and turned to initiative to mobilize support with asking the government to shelve the plan immediately because Lawachhara rain forest will be cut down soon around 25,000 trees along the Dhaka-Sylhet track in to facilitate rail communication between the Dhaka-Sylhet and Dhaka-Chiitagong rail routes.

Mihir Kumar Doe, divisional forest officer of wildlife management and nature conservation department told this correspondent on Sunday, on April 9, a letter signed by Md Arman Hossain, divisional engineer of Bangladesh Railway, was sent to Kamalganj forest range office asking the forest department to sever trees along rail track of Srimongal-Bhanugachh section’s five kilometre areas.

The letter said train communication on the rail track in the area during summer season turned risky as sometimes trees uprooted by storm laid in the area’s rail track that could lead to a fatal accident anytime.

The letter also mentioned that inter-district Upobon Express Train got struck as about 30 trees laid on rail track after being uprooted by storm on April 21, 2015.

Otherwise, the next time an accident occurs, the Railways Act, 1890 under section 128 of the steps to be taken.

After the letter wildlife management and nature

Conservation department protested the decision with letters, he added. Later several organizations, including the

Protested decision of cutting trees in different places.

He said this corresp ondent over cell phones, the Ministry of Railways called a meeting various aspects with Railway Department and forest department took this decision to cancel cutting 25 thousands trees in the Lawacherra National forest on Thursday afternoon.

However, if the trees are more risky committee including local officials imposed by the presence of the UNO to the tree will be cut.

Railway Divisional Engineer Arman Hosain said, in the meeting decision to cancel cut down trees.

Jabed Bhuiyan, join-convener of Lawacherra Bon O Jibo boichitro Rokha Andolon said this correspondent, after long protest government change their decision. We thanks governments stop their decision and protect the Lawacherra forest. In this regards 25 thousands trees get live.

Sharif Jamil, join secretary of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (Bapa) said, to protect Lawachhara and follow the legal frameworks for the proper conservation of National Parks, rail line should be removed from the forest.

He said, railway should take necessary steps to clearly cancel the tree felling proposal and leasing out lands throughout the forest area in addition to the initiative to immediately establish new rail track outside the Lawachhara National Park.



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