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67th Int’l Film festival to start in Germany on February 9

By European Bureau Chief Nazmun Nesa Piari

The 67th Berlinale, Berlin’s world-famous International Film festival will start in the capital of Germany on February 9,2017 .

The movie shown on the first evening is the world-premiere “Django”. This French movie tells the story of Django Reinhardt,a famous composer and guitarist Who fled from the German occupied Paris in 1943. Django Reinhardt and his family were Sinti and suffered from Nazi-terror.
” Django Reinhardt was a forerunner of European Jazz and the founder of Gypsy-swing. The movie shows his history of survival and that in spite of all terror he never gave up playing his music ” said Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick at a press-conference. The director of “Django” is Etienne Comar .The music of Django Reinhardt is played specially for the movie by the famous Dutch Jazztrio Rosenberg.

Among the movies shown in Berlin is “Viceroy’s House “, an Indian-British production with Gurinder Chada as director.
It is an Indian-British historical drama about the inside life of the Viceroy’s House in 1947 during the partition of India.
The movie is expected to be released in the United Kingdom on March 3rd.

This year the movies shown at Berlinale  from 9th to the 19th of February were selected from 6000 movies from the world for different sections of Berlinale like Competition,Berlinale Special,  Berlinale  Shorts,, Panorama Special, Panorama,, Documentaries, Perspective German Cinema ,Generation Kplus, Generation 14plus, Kplus short films, film maker of the world, Hommage, culinary cinema. For 15 years  Director Dieter Kosslick is the Director of this Berlin International Film Festival.He said during these years the festival has also become increasingly attractive for lot of companies.

Beside funding from the Federal Government by the Commissioner for Culture and Media Berlinale is also financed by almost forty famous companies with enormous dedication. This includes  L’Ore’al , BMW,ZDF,Hugo Boss, Glasshuette Original TNT and many more.

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