Sunday , 5 December 2021
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697th Urs of Hajrat Shahjalal (R) begins

Sylhet Correspondent

The 697th Urs of  Hajrat Shahjalal (R.) Mazar has begun  on Tuesday morning.

Hundreds of thousands of devotees of Hajrat Shahjalal Reached in his shrine by this time. City life became changed. From Monday devotees delivered spiritual song and slogan and assemble the holy shrine. On monday night 11.00 PM the programme started. After final Dowa the urs ends on Wednesday morning. The whole city decorated with befitting manners for this urs. It make traffic jam. Gilaf will setup on Tuesday. Mazar authority of first set the gilaf.

On Wednesday morning through mass prayer the urs ends. Due to urs strickt security measures are taken.

SMP Deputy Commissioner Rahmatullah Said, they made security ring in the mazar area. Police deployed in the four main gates. 5 hundred volunteers are with them. Police use metal detector to check the devotees.



Police BCL clash :

35 BCL Activists Suid


35 BCL activists were suid in polic assult case. SI Shahin of Kotwaly Police Station filed a case on monday night. OC of Kotwaly Police Station Suhel Ahmed Said, former central joint secretary of BCL Masud Kamal Sufi including 20 and 15 unknown were suid in the case.

Meanwhile police and BCL activists made a clash in Ambarkhana on monday night. 15 Police wounded and 8 BCLactivists were arrested. Witness said, due to urs police block the Ambarkhana Road. Some BCL activists try to forcibly run their motorbyke. Police stop them. For this a clash started. Police fired 30-35 round bullets. As a result 15 person of them 6 people are wounded. 5 BCL activists arrested the matter confirmed by ADC of SMP Rahmatullah.


Again 72- hr ultimatum given by

business community


Sylhet District and city businessman made a procession on court point on monday. They stopped their shops from 11 to 01 PM. They gave administration 72 hours time to arrest the culprit. or they made greater action programme. They hope police will be more active to arrest the culprit. The terrorist kill businessman one after another in many place. A terrorist have no political identity. He is terrorist. Businessman ressist them unitedly. All kinds of businessman take part in the procession.

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