SPARRSO-BSMRAAU to Collaborate for Space Science Research

Staff Reporter

An eight member BSMRAAU delegation visited SPARRSO on 8 Jun 2022 to discuss areas of mutual interest and collaboration opportunities in the field of space science and research. The delegation included Pro-Vice Chancellor Air Commodore Md Monjur Kabir Bhuiyan along with distinguished expert Air Vice Marshal Mahmud Hussain (retd), Deans and Heads of department of BSMRAAU.

Acting Chairman of SPARRSO Mohammad Mahmud Ali, along with his team comprising Chief Scientific Officers, Principe Scientific Officers, Senior Scientific Officers and faculty members participated in the hour’s long discussion.

The statutory mandate of SPARRSO and BSMRAAU – tow public entities, has a number of overlapping areas, offering opportunities for collaboration to produce next-generation aerospace scientists and professionals. Chairman, in his welcoming remarks, highlighted that SPARRSO has been engaged in applying space technology in peaceful purpose to benefit the nation since its inception in 1980. He mentioned that SPARRSO’s multidisciplinary research fields includes atmospheric science, agriculture, forestry, fishery, water resources, environmental science, geological science and oceanography – most of which are relevant to BSMRAAU’s academic and research interest.

In his opening remarks, Distinguished Expert Air Vice Marshal Mahmud outlined the academic and research programmes of BSMRAAU- nation’s first public university for aviation and aerospace studies. He also mentioned that the unique graduate programmes on space system engineering, satellite technology and space law, offered by BSMRAAU, could be the key areas for academic collaboration.

Collaboration in research projects may include mutually common areas of building pico-satellite, drone and rockets. Mentionable that as the focal organisation of Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organisation (APSCO), SPARRSO is implementing various programmes on space science research, space technology development and application domain, where BSMRAAU students and faculty can be contribute.

The meeting observed that signing a MoU between the two organisations and assigning focal points would be the appropriate first steps for any future collaboration. It is hoped that the visit will lead to more robust collaboration between the two organisation to strengthened indigenous capacity in space science and research in Bangladesh.

প্রকাশ :  June 9, 2022 2:55 pm