Unplanned sluicegate causses waterlogging in Bagatipara

Bagatipara (Natore) Correspondent

When the rivers of most parts of the country are flooded, the water of the big river of Bagatipara cries out. The ebb and flow of the riverEvery year at this time new water comes to Baral. Fishermen are busy hunting for fish but Baral river is an exceptional form.

According to locals, the sluice gate was built in 1975 in the Charghat area of Rajshahi on the Baral river adjacent to the Padma with government funding. From then on, Baral’s youth ebbed. The Baral river is no longer inundated by floods. The various fields adjacent to Baral are no longer watered with silt. This has also reduced the fertile power of those lands. On the other hand, Baral is becoming more and more flooded day by day.

With this in mind, another sluice gate was constructed at Atgharia in Baraigram upazila of the district in 1995 with government funding. But it did not succeed. As Atgharia is lower than Charghat area, if we try to keep the Baral river full by closing the sluice gate, the Atgharia area will be submerged.

As a result, the government’s plan has also failed. Therefore, water of Baral river remains empty for half of the year. In addition to the lack of necessary repairs and dredging, the river has lost its navigability day by day due to unplanned regulators and has gradually shrunk into a dead canal. With the evolution of the mill, the fate of Baral has also changed. Baral is slowly taking shape in history and fairy tales.

It is said that the branch of Padma is Baral. Baral’s place of origin is Charghat in Rajshahi. Baral exits the Padma, crosses Charghat, Bagha, Bagatipara Baraigram on a winding road and joins the Jamuna at Sirajganj.

A few decades ago, the youth of the traditional Baral was full of toi-tumbar. The flood waters used to enter Barale during the monsoon season. The shores were full to the brim. There was a strong current. Sometimes the silt water of the flood would jump on the shore and enter different fields. The fertile energy of agricultural arable land would be increased by silt water.

Farmers harvested twice as much. The peasants on the banks of the river Baral used to run their families comfortably throughout the year. There were lots of small and big fish in the river. The fishermen had joy in their minds. They used to make a living by selling fish in the market. Adolescents used to swim in the river with joy in their minds. Small and big sailing boats used to travel long distances. The big traders used to import and export different products in different places by sailing boats.

Only Bagatipara Upazila has crossed about 22 km of the road. At one time, due to the convenience of communication, important establishments including Jamnagar Bazar, Tamaltala Bazar, Bagatipara Thana Bhaban, Dayarampur Cantonment have been built on both banks of Baral river.

Baral Char flowing through Bagha, Charghat and Bagatipara upazilas can be seen on the ground. There are hundreds of acres of cultivable land on the banks of Baral river. There are various crops including pulses like Mug, Maize, Sesame, Sugarcane. Anwar Hossain, a farmer from Bagha area, said that he has planted various crops on two acres of land in Baral Char, which is connected to his ancestral land.

The fishing family of Baral has suffered the most financially due to the lack of navigability of Baral and the natural calamity of the river. Anisur of Ghorlaj village of the upazila said, “I have caught a lot of fish in the river a few years ago. My family was doing well all year round. Now there is no water in the river. So the locals demanded dredging including removal of two sluice gates to save the river.

Ariful Rahman Kanak and his daughter Nusrat Jahan have started their journey to protect Baral by walking with various organizations carrying out various programs demanding protection of BaralArifur invited everyone to take part in the march by posting pictures of parents standing on the banks of the river on his Facebook ID on May 26, 2021, demanding demarcation of the river, protection of the river by digging, standing by the people dependent on the river and protection of the environment. Rahman Kanak.

Meanwhile, UNO Priyanka Devi Pal, president of Upazila River Protection Committee, said, “We have completed the demarcation of Baral river.” The dredging work will be done by the Water Development Board. That work is not yet visible. And the sluicegates from the concerned department. If we are given a memorandum, they have been sent to the concerned department.

In this regard, Executive Engineer of Natore Water Development Bird, Maklesur Rahman said, the illegal eviction drive from rivers is underway. Besides, dredging projects of Baral, Narad, Nandakunja and Musakhan rivers of the district have been undertaken.

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