Flood water also rising on railway line in Kulaura

Moulvibazar Correspondent

Due to the heavy rains of the last few days and the steep slopes coming down from the upper reaches, the flood waters in the river Gogali along with the Hakaluki haor in Kulaura of Moulvibazar It is increasing day by day. As a result, more than half a million people in 6 villages of 6 unions of the upazila including Kulaura municipal town have been flooded.

Fanai bridge in Fanai-Anfanai river area of Baramchal union of the upazila on Wednesday morning In the middle, flood waters have risen on the railway tracks. Water has also started rising in some places around Kulaura suburb. Locals said that the area between the Fanai-Anfanai river in Baramchal is almost the same The water started rising on the 200-foot railway line on Monday afternoon.

Now the water is increasing as time goes on. The railway line of that place is slowly sinking. According to the locals, due to the rising flood waters in the area, the train movement is now slowing down. But water If it continues to increase, the railway connection of Sylhet region with the rest of the country is in danger of being cut off.

The Upazila Disaster Management Branch has already opened 33 shelters due to rising water levels. The waterlogged people are in various shelters including cattle He is taking shelter in a safe place. Teaching in 52 educational institutions of the upazila has been declared closed due to flood waters entering the educational institutions. Official activities are being disrupted due to infiltration of water on the ground floor of the Upazila Parishad building A few offices. Heavy rains over the last few days and landslides from upstream have inundated most areas of Kulaura, Juri and Baralekha upazilas on the banks of Hakaluki Haor.

More or less rain and downhill slopes are still new as they continue Water is rising in the houses of the new area. Different areas are being flooded. Haor water is increasing. In this situation, the water is rising in the railway line of different places of Kulaura including that part of the railway line, which is causing new worries to the locals and the railway passengers. Concerned. Md. Sajjad Ali Saju and Mizanur Rashid Sumon, members of Ward 7 of Baramchal Union, said flood waters were increasing in the area near Fanai-Anfanai river.

Compared to yesterday, there is a lot of water till noon on Wednesday Water is flowing over 1 inch. As the water level is low at night, the train movement is slowing down. However, there are fears that if the water level rises at night, the train will be able to continue running.

He said officials from the railway engineering department were inspecting the site. Them Increased. They said that if the water level continues to rise in this way, there is a danger of train movement through that place. Assistant Station Master of Kulaura Railway Junction Station Haripada Sarkar said flood waters have been rising in the area for the last three days. Rail line at that place Further action will be taken as per the advice. However, due to the steep slopes and heavy rains in the last few days, the train has been instructed to reduce the speed from Kulaura to Samshernagar and from Kulaura to Maizgaon.

The flood-affected areas of the upazila were visited on the spot and sources in the upazila Two to three feet of water at several places on the Kadipur-Bhukshimil-Baramchal regional road, Pushainagar-Nawabganj road in the coastal upazila of Hakaluki Haor. Most of the houses in these areas have been flooded and people are in dire straits. Indoors from Saturday evening Many have taken refuge in various shelters and relatives’ houses due to the ingress of water. Many are taking shelter in a safe place with their only resources – cows, goats and ducks. About three hundred by Tuesday afternoon People have taken shelter in different shelters.

Fanai river flowing through Karmadha, Rautgaon and Brahmanbazar unions of the upazila and Joychandi, Kulaura Sadar, Gogali river flowing through the municipality. Gone. On Friday evening, a dam broke in the Mahishmara area of Fanai river and damaged the crop lands of about 5 villages. When the Water Development Board and the locals repaired the dam on Saturday, the dam broke again at night Areas are flooded. Three and a half thousand hectares of crops of the upazila have been submerged in the flood waters.

There are more than half a million people trapped in the water. Meanwhile, due to heavy rain, water has entered the ground floor of Basabari and Upazila Parishad building in wards 1, 3 and 4 of the municipal town from noon on Saturday. There is about three feet of water on the upazila road. More water until Sunday afternoon Increased. More than 10,000 people in the municipal area have been stranded.

Upazila Education Officer’s Office, Upazila Accounting Office, LGED Office and Agricultural Extension Office, Department of Public Health Engineering Official activities are being disrupted due to water entering in front of the office. About 60,000 people in 6 villages of the upazila have been trapped in water.

All the rural roads in these areas have been submerged. There are 44 government primary schools, 6 secondary and higher secondary in the upazila Schools and two colleges are closed due to water intrusion. Upazila administration has opened 35 shelters in 8 unions and municipal areas to deal with the flood situation. The rescue team rescued the stranded people at the shelter Taking. More than 300 families and cattle have already been taken to the shelter.

AKM Safi Ahmed Solman, Chairman of Kulaura Upazila Parishad and Senior Vice President of Upazila Awami League, Prime Minister’s Protocol Officer-2 Mohammad Abu Zafar Raju, Upazila Nirbahi Officer ATM Farhad Chowdhury are inspecting various shelters and water catchment areas and continue distributing relief.

To provide relief assistance to waterlogged people Yakub Tajul Women’s Degree College, Rabeya Adarsh Government Primary School, Bhairabganj Bazar of Bhukshimil Union, Bhukshimil School and College Flood Shelter Center, Mirzapur Government Primary School Shelter Center Dry food has been distributed among the people. Besides, Hakaluki went from house to house in Sadipur, Bhukshimil, Ghaterbazar area on the banks of Haor and distributed dry food among the people AKM Safi Ahmed Solman, Chairman of Kulaura Upazila Parishad and Senior Vice President of Upazila Awami League, visited the flood-hit Bhukshimil Union from Tuesday morning till night. About 1,200 are located in the six most affected shelters in the union He distributes relief among the people.

Chilarkandi Government Primary School Shelter, Kaleshar Government Primary School Shelter, Bhukshimil School and College Shelter, Kairachak Government Primary School Shelter, Gaurkaran Nurul Ambia Dakhil Madrasa Shelter and Distribution of relief materials among flood affected people He did. Relief supplies included chira, mudri, molasses, biscuits, candles, matches, pure water, water purification tablets, food saline and emergency medicine. Asya is present Chairman of Vukmil Union Parishad Azizur Rahman Monir, Kulaura Upazila Chhatra League President Niazul Tayef and others were present.

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