PM mulls area-based specific time power cuts to save fuel

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said she is thinking of introducing area-based load shedding for a specific time to save the fuel that is used for power generation.

“Today, I think that I will tell (authority concerned) to reduce electricity production for some time (everyday) to save the fuel that is used for power generation,” she said.

The prime minister said this at a function at the PGR Headquarters in Dhaka Cantonment to mark the President’s Guard Regiment’s (PGR) founding anniversary. She joined the programme from her official residence Ganabhaban.

She said that the country witnessed 8-10 hours of power cuts in the past from where her government, taking over office in 2009, increased the electricity generation ensuring an uninterrupted power supply in the country.

She mentioned that the government has accomplished a feat reaching electricity to every house.

The PM said there won’t be any indiscriminate load shedding. It will be announced earlier for a specific area and for a specific time, she added.

“If we specify the time for load shedding for specific areas… If we take that step from now on… we will be able to save ourselves from the much harder days coming ahead,” she said.

Talking about the recent economic turmoil across the globe due to the impact of coronavirus pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war, she said that the prices of fuel oil have soared.

As a result that there is scarcity of power in many countries around the world, she said.
She said that the prices of electricity-producing like diesel, fuel oil, LNG, have increased heavily.

Besides, transportation has been hampered due to the Russia-Ukraine war compounding the crisis, she said. She added that even coal is not available.

Hasina reiterated her call to maintain austerity and increase savings which will be beneficial to face any type of crisis in the future.

“If every family resorts to pro-savings mentality and utilise their own lands for optimum productivity (of food grains), it will bring positive results,” she said.

She reiterated her call not to leave single inch of land uncultivated and make sure no water body remains unutilised.

“All empty places have to be utilised for production, whatever it is. We have to try to produce our own food to reduce pressure on the market and make profit through selling the surplus foods,” the premier said.

She said that every person, family and organisation have to take that step.

“I think, if we take this step then we will be able to save ourselves from the ongoing economic shock worldwide.”

Hasina said that many countries including America and Britain facing higher inflation amid scarcity of power.

“We have to remain alert from the very beginning, if we remain cautious inshallah we will not face any problem,’’ she asserted. “I can say that and I will request everyone to do so.”

Talking about the development of the armed forces following the Forces Goal 2030, the prime minister said, “We will not fight with any one, we want peace, the father of the nation gave us the defence policy which is friendship to all, malice to none. We follow that policy.”

“But as an independent country we have to ensure all sorts of preparations, especially build up the organisations that are the symbols of the independence and sovereignty. We have taken steps for that and are implementing those,” she said.

She also said that her life has always been in grave risk while repeated attempts were made after she came back in Bangladesh.

“Many leaders and activities sacrificed their lives to protect me forming human shield,” she said.

Turning to the opening of the Padma Bridge she said, Bangladesh constructed the much-cherished bridge with its own resources.

“Those who wanted to malign Bangladesh, or humiliate me and my family members, minister, advisor and secretary through corruption allegations have got a befitting reply after we built the bridge with our own fund,” she said.

The PM said “Padma Bridge is the expression of our independence, sovereignty and unique ethnicity.”

She mentioned that this one decision changed the attitude of the whole world regarding Bangladesh.

Referring to those who thought that Bangladesh means begging and grants, Hasina said “We have proven that Bangladesh is the country that got liberated under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Bangalee nation never bows to anyone.”

“… it will not beg to anyone, we will advance on our own, we are trying to move forward like that way we have gained significant self-reliance economically,” said the premier.

She said that the government has been able to reduce poverty, provide electricity to all houses. It is implementing projects to ensure no one remains homeless.

Talking about flood in the Sylhet region, she said that the flood water is coming downstream and now it is in the middle region of the country.

“It will gradually flow down to the southern region where vast areas may be inundated. It takes time for flood water to recede while the water level of the sea rises one inch,” she said.

She said that any calamity can come anytime and the father of the nation taught the nation how to face that. “We are tackling that calamity following his footsteps,” she said.

The PM called for going all out for staring cultivation of crops after the flood recedes. It must be ensured that no food shortage occurs.

“We have attained the status of a developing nation and we have to go farther. We have adopted plans like Delta Plan 2100 for a better future for the next generations,” she said.

She urged all to follow the Covid-19 safety measures as the infections are increasing.

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