35 primary schools not started teaching in Sylhet

Sylhet Bureau

Teaching activities have not started in 35 schools of Sylhet yet after the severe floods. Out of this, 23 schools are submerged in flood water. The officials said.22 schools are being used as flood shelters. Besides, 607 educational institutions of secondary level of Sylhet have opened since Wednesday. Although no school has been closed, the attendance rate is very low.

When visiting the Murargao Government Primary School in Companyganj, it was seen that the flood water has all broken down. There is still mud on the floor. No place to sit. After opening the school after so long, they cannot be returned. So the head teacher Md. Shamsun Noor is forced to take classes on the floor of a room in the neighboring house. The head teacher is taking class on the floor of a house with 10/15 students.

Sylhet district primary education office sources said yesterday Wednesday was the 4th day of school opening. Till date teaching has started in 200 schools out of 277 schools in the district. Student attendance is steadily increasing. Schools where classes are closed or under water are located in Dakshin Surma, Balaganj, Fenchuganj and Osmaninagar.

On the other hand, speaking to the teachers of the schools where the classes have started, it is said that even though the classes have started, the teaching environment has not returned in many schools as the school buildings are being used as shelters. Besides, student attendance is also low. Not only the flood-hit areas, but also in Sylhet city, the attendance of students was low after the opening of schools. However, the teachers said that attendance is usually low on the first two days of school opening. But within 2/3 days the appearance becomes normal.

Dholakhal Lambakandi Government Primary School, Furarpar Government Primary School, Lama Diskibari Government Primary School, Federgaon Government Primary School, Digalbaker Par Government Primary School in Companyganj upazila are still under water. However, the student presence is increasing in the areas where the road communication system is good.

Md. Shamsun Noor, head teacher of Murargao Government Primary School in Companyganj, said that his school is the last nationalized school. Classes were held in an old building built by the local residents. The last few floods have caused extensive damage to the school. Even if the school opens, there is no place to hold classes. Doors windows tin everything was damaged. Mud in the class room. On the other hand, the students are coming after getting the school news. They cannot be returned. As a result, classes are being taken sitting on the floor of the school’s neighboring school management committee’s ex-president, Meer. He said that 15/20 students are attending every day.

Abdul Ahad Qasemi, head teacher of Bilajur Government Primary School in Companyganj, said that the attendance of students is always low at the beginning of the opening of the school. Gradually this number will increase. Students said that the attendance was half yesterday on Wednesday.

Al-Amin, a teacher at Brahmangram Government Primary School in Kanighat Upazila’s Dakshin Banigram Union, said that out of two hundred students in his school, about half of the students were present in the beginning. Teaching has been regular. Attendance of students increased yesterday till Wednesday.

607 institutions of high school, college and madrasa level have opened since last Wednesday. Among them there are 382 high schools, 67 colleges and 158 madrasahs. Sylhet District Secondary Education Officer Md. Abdul Wadud said that educational institutions have opened after the flood.

No schools are closed at secondary level. But student attendance is a little less. Describing the inspection of three schools in the surrounding areas of Sylhet city, he said that the attendance in these schools is about 40 percent. All educational institutions in Sunamganj were inundated by this flood. Among them, there are 1,475 primary schools. Classes have started in all schools. Teaching activities of high school and college level institutions have started from yesterday Wednesday.

Sunamganj District Primary Education Officer SM Abdur Rahman said that teaching has started in all the schools in his district. But attendance of students is naturally low. And most of the Haor area. He expressed hope that the attendance will gradually increase. He said that many students’ books were destroyed due to rising water in their houses. Demand for 40,000 books has been sent for this.

Sylhet District Primary Education Officer Sakhawat Ershed said that teaching has started in 242 schools out of 277 schools in the district. However, teaching activities have not started in 35 schools of Sylhet. Out of this, 23 schools are submerged in flood water. 22 schools are being used as flood shelters. Attendance is also more or less regionally. Average student attendance rate is 30/40 percent. The education officer hopes that the attendance will be normal next week.

Incidentally, the third round of floods started in Sylhet region from last June 15. Sylhet and Sunamganj took a terrible form in the third round of floods. The schools suffered a lot. At the same time, the government announced Eid holiday. After the holiday, the primary school opened from Sunday. Secondary and college level educational institutions opened yesterday from Wednesday.

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