Ex-minister Eng Mosharraf Hossain MP accorded civic reception in London

Sakhi Khatun from London

Greater Chittagong Association UK in London has accorded civic reception to Chittagong’s meritorious son, veteran politician, former minister, Presidium Member of Bangladesh Awami League, heroic freedom fighter Engineer Mosharraf Hossain MP recently , who is visiting Britain now.

The reception ceremony was held at Chittagong Center, 113 New Road, White Chapel. It was presided over by Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Founding President of the Association Barrister Manowar Hossain.

President of the Executive Committee of the Association, Mohammad Ishaq Chowdhury, and General Secretary Mohammad Qaiser gave a welcome speech. former student leader Abhijit Dhar Bappi, Shaukat Mahmud Tipu, Councilor Syed Firoz Gani, Akhtar Alam, Mir Rashed Ahmed, Solicitor Jagir Alam, Lutfar Rahman Sayeed, Barrister Anwar Hossain, Monir Mahmud, Noorunnabi Ali, Osman Faisal, Shahidul Islam, Tingku Chowdhury, Salim Hossain, Zakaria Shahid, Asma Alam, Roche Ancha, Shaukat Osman, Tarek Chowdhury, Jasim Chowdhury, along with Mirshwarai, Sitakund, Cox’s Bazar, Patia, Anwara, Raujan, Hathazari and leaders of various regional organizations of Chittagong were present on the occasion.

The speakers in the meeting paid respect to the long struggling life of public leader Mosharaf Hossain and they called upon him to take the responsibility of solving the flooding in Chittagong city.

The guest of honor is the freedom fighter who received the Great Freedom Medal, former minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, who came from far and wide to the United Kingdom, regardless of party affiliation, and was showered with floral tributes from Chittagong residents. Overwhelmed with emotion, the Greater Chittagong Association UK presented the crest of honour.

Engineer Mosharraf Hossain in his almost one-hour speech recalled the moments of the great Liberation War and the long course of politics, expressed his gratitude for the sincere role of his colleagues and comrades in the long political life, the honored guest thanked the expatriates of Chittagong in London for honoring him.

He is always speaking for the interests of expatriates and will give this assurance. He also answered various questions of the guests about Bangladesh’s politics, economy and the development of Chittagong and said that Bangladesh is moving forward in various indicators including economy and development, which is also recognized by the bold implementation of the Padma Bridge. He expressed that these things have been achieved under the right leadership of the honorable Prime Minister, he said that he will try to free Chittagong from waterlogging and establish more parks.

Barrister Manowar Hossain, the president of the event, said in his speech that this civic reception was organized on behalf of Chittagong residents living abroad in the United Kingdom for the legendary engineer of Chittagong politics, Mosharraf Hossain, because he served as MP for 7 times and as a successful minister for three terms.

A valiant freedom fighter who received the highest state award “Freedom Medal”, sub-sector commander of sector number seven in the liberation war, father of the nation Bangabandhu’s favorite and presidium member of Awami League and founder of 4-star Hotel Peninsula in Chittagong and 5-star Hotel Simon in Cox’s Bazar, a successful businessman in the tourism industry. Successful people are rare in Bangladesh.

President of the Association Mohammad Ishaq Chowdhury, paid respects to Engineer Mosharraf Hossain’s successful role in the Liberation War and politics and said in his speech that he is an extraordinary and courageous political leader.

প্রকাশ :  July 24, 2022 2:22 pm