Jahanara’s desire to get little space in Mujib Year

Bhola Correspondent

Age about 51, name is Moses. Jahanara Begum. Her husband Abu Khan died of liver cancer about 14 years ago. Since then, Jahanara Begum has been spending her days half-starved with a child in front of the Surya Hasi Clinic in Lalmohan, Bhola, on the Khas land of the Roads and Highways Department.

The dwelling house for his head is also dilapidated. Fencing with hogla leaves around the house, and polythene on the spoiled tin. The hut can collapse at any moment.

To Jahanara, this is like a death watch every day! It is known that on the occasion of Mujib Year, a total of 550 landless and homeless families in Lalmohan upazila were given houses as a gift from the Prime Minister. But even after being so helpless, this unfortunate Jahanara did not get a house gifted by the Prime Minister. Jahanara Begum said about the demand, how many people have been given houses by the government. I have also been to UNO sir a few times for a room. He said he would give it, but till now I have not got the house.

The house I am currently living in is in a very bad condition. When it rains, water falls inside the house. I spent sleepless nights with my child. Eat the land again.

Jahanara also said that since her husband’s death, she has been living without food by doing jhi work in people’s houses. It’s old now. There are many diseases in the body. So now I can’t even work properly. Claims to the government for which; To provide me with a card of VGF or VGD to get regular rice assistance along with construction of a house.

Only then can I live a little better until death. In this regard, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Pallab Kumar Hazra said that all those who are living on the roads and public roads have been called. They have also been asked to give them government shelters. Many of them have been given houses within the municipality.

Those who were left out were asked to go to other shelters in the upazila, but they did not agree. Because of which maybe Jahanara did not get a house. Even then, if there is any such opportunity in the future, arrangements will be made to give him a house.

প্রকাশ :  August 1, 2022 12:05 am