First cineplex in Sylhet opens 29 July

Sylhet Bureau

Grand Sylhet Movie Theatre, the first cineplex in Sylhet, is going to be inaugurated with the screening of the film Hawa on 29 July. The cineplex has been set up in the Grand Sylhet Hotel and Resort, a five-star hotel that opened on 15 June, at the Airport road of the city.

People concerned said that so far, there have been some experimental shows in the cineplex, which is owned by the hotel authorities. The cineplex has 170 seats and the ticket price would be Tk400 and Tk500. However, the number and schedule of shows each day have not been finalised yet.

Md Fakhar Uddin Razi, managing director of Grand Sylhet Hotel and Resort, said, “We made the cineplex during the construction of the hotel. We have imported the sound system from the UK and it is of the best quality in the country. So far, we ran the cineplex experimentally. Our guests enjoyed a free movie here with dinner. However, it is going to be commercially launched from 29 July.”

We will show the best films made in the country in this cineplex, he said. “So far, we have got a very positive response after the news of the launch of the cineplex went public. People are very happy to have something like this in Sylhet. In Sylhet, there was no opportunity to watch movies in such an environment. So, everyone applauded it,” said Fakhar Uddin Razi.

The actors and crew of the film Hawa may also be present at the opening ceremony of the cineplex, he added. Rajan Dash, vice-president of the film organisation Moviyana Film Society, said, “All the cinema halls in Sylhet are closing their business day by day. People are not getting a chance to go to the halls here and watch movies on the big screen.”

“You cannot get the real taste of a movie by watching it on a mobile phone. So, the opening of a cineplex in Sylhet is very good news. The government also wants to build cineplexes at the district and upazila levels,” he said. Rajan Dash said, “Maybe a specific class of people will be able to go to cineplex as it is a little expensive. But at least the middle class can enjoy watching movies there.”

প্রকাশ :  August 1, 2022 12:11 am