Mother agrees to donate kidney to son but wife denies

Dhunat (Bogra) Correspondent

Md. Mukul Hossain (25), a carpenter of Jorkhali Moddhapara of Gosaibari Union in Dhunt Upazila in Bogura District has lost both his kidneys.

If someone donates a kidney, poor carpenter Mukul may be able to survive in the world for some time. Illusions bond will be heard by the father of two daughters for a few more days. In this situation, mother Mamta Khatun agreed to donate a kidney, but wife Rasheda moved to her father’s house with the child.

After going to Jorkhali Moddhapara to inquire about thises Case , Mukul Hossain is the eldest son of day laborer Shahidul Islam (50). A happy family in a family of poverty with the wife of a day laborer Shahidul and three children Mukul, Moklechur, Monir. Mukul is the eldest child of all. Moklechu passed SSC and went to college. Moni’s youngest age is 11. Mukul did some education in his childhood and did not have the opportunity to study in a poor world.

By starting the work of a carpenter, the day laborer tries to bring some prosperity back to his poor father’s family. In a short time, Mukul became known as a good mason in the neighborhood. Livelihood is getting better. Seeing Rujirozgar, father Shahidul happily married Mukul to Rasheda Akhter, daughter of Banmaricha Ahad Ali of Sherpur. Everyone was doing well. Six years have already passed. Two daughters, Lamia and Roza, came into Mukul’s family. Mukul suddenly fell ill a few years ago. After six months of various treatments, it is finally known that Mukul’s two kidneys have been destroyed.

The sky broke on the head of the dresses. One doctor after another. The accumulated money is already exhausted. He sold the last 18th century land. To Dr. Kamrul Islam, Shyamli CKD Urology Kidney Disease Hospital of Dhaka with the money of land sale. Seeing her husband’s condition like this, wife Rasheda informed father Ahad Ali. When Ahad Ali came and took his daughter and two granddaughters, Biya asked Shahidul to treat Mukul well. Go home and send fifty thousand rupees for Mukul’s medical expenses. Sending money is a far-fetched thing, send news to people to return it including the expenses incurred during the wedding.

Daughters Lamia and Roja want to see their sick father but are not allowed to come to this house. Sahidul stops saying these words with a sad heart, as if stopping the voice. Tears rolled down Sahidul’s eyes. After some time, Sahidul started talking about the price again, ten thousand rupees for dialysis twice a week and an injection and medicine – which has already been done for six months.

Dr. does one kidney operation every day. His serial number is 100. 65 operations have been done. He has to spend like this every week until the serial comes. But how is it possible to collect so much money? After that, the biggest thing is to get a kidney. Although by crossmatching the doctor said that a kidney of Shahidul’s wife Mukul’s mother can be transplanted and it will cost three lakh rupees for the transplant. Now what’s the way!

Mother agrees to donate kidney, but where will the money for the operation! Although Sahidul collected some money by visiting the doors of the rich people of the area, Sahidul still could not collect the money for the operation. Hoping that someone is sitting looking for a way, maybe someone will come to the side and extend a helping hand.

প্রকাশ :  August 24, 2022 2:12 pm