RU journalists stage sit-in protesting attack on journalists at campus

RU Correspondent

The working journalists of Rajshahi University on Sunday at 11 am campus sit-in program in front of the vice-chancellor’s residence against not taking any action against the accused in the incident of attack on a journalist at Madar Bux hall of Rajshahi University.

They also demanded the resignation of the provost of Madar Bux hall due to negligence of duty, the expulsion of accused Chhatra League activist Kajal and assurance that there would be no future attack on journalists at the campus.

Earlier, they brought out a silent procession from the central library area and the procession gathered in front of the Vice-Chancellor’s residence at Paris road of the University.

At the end of the program, they sat in front of the entrance of the administration building of the university.

Nuruzzaman Khan, president of Rajshahi University Journalist Association, said at the sit-in, “Kajal, a BCL activist, has been expelled from the residential hall for beating up our colleague Shahabuddin. But I don’t know how he is still staying at the hall.”

“We write against their illegal activities, that’s their problem with us. If the spineless administration cannot judge and admit it, we will apologize to them”, Nuruzzaman added.

Rashed Shuvro, president of Rajshahi University Reporters Unity, said, “They think that if they beat us, we will not be able to report against them in fear. As a result, the administration will be able to commit corruption in the ongoing projects with the help of Chhatra League.”

“Journalists are active against the hall seat trade of Chhatra League. That is why Chhatra League is beating us. The administration came to power with the help of the ruling party. They will not be able to hold the posts without the ruling party. That’s why they are not taking any action against this attack”, said Rashed.

Previously, on May 29, Chhatra League activist Kajal and his men beat up journalist Shahabuddin for asking them to go outside of the television room of Madar Bux Hall to smoke a cigarette. After the incident, the journalists sat-in in front of the Vice-Chancellor’s residence that night. Although the administration promised to take action against the accused, nothing happened so far after one week has passed.

Another journalist at the campus, Omar Faruk was also beaten by BCL men on May 30 while doing journalistic work.

প্রকাশ :  June 6, 2022 12:33 pm