Tuesday , 15 June 2021
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A pioneer of 185 colorful school in Kulaura

Md. Mosabbir Ali,  Kulaura

“No matter how small you start, always dream big”, said Stephen Richards, a British author and investigative journalist.

A man expected change in a few months with different type of motivation. As a result huge change between present scenario and past picture in every school under the Kulaura Upazila of Moulvibazar district. In Kulaura Upazila now 185 primary schools out of 193 primary schools are now excellent as child-education environment.

Old school buildings paint color to become colorful with local contribution. The outer part of the infrastructure in schools has brought a radical change now. Therefore, the negligence of the old school building has become the new. For this reason the Upazila schools have been renamed “colorful school”.

Abu Sayeed Md. Shafiqur Rahman Siddique, head teacher of Amir Solfu government primary school under Kulaura Upazila. He is the national best primary teacher awards win in 2010. He said this correspondent UEO take this initiative to share this idea and encourage to government primary schools SMC and locals. Now the children are attendance responding to exceptional and rush dropout rate.

He said, as the rural poor schools children come with interest and watching their dream of possibilities in the future generation of the people. Students are attracted to the schools, teaching them to see their participation in extraordinary.
Khaleda Yesmin, head teacher of Pachpir protapi government primary school under Kulaura Upazila. He said, each Upazila government primary schools are now attracting anyone from a distance. In addition to the schools in the boundaries of the inner and outer walls scratch has been drawn the poet Rabindra Nath Tagore,  national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam including the various flowers, fruits, trees and bird images.

It shows a scene from distance educational institutions, he added.

School grounds have been built flower garden and Shaheed Minar. The class rooms decorated with various types of educational toys, many other materials, puppet were melting like a play cards with large letters as I wants to be a doctor, I want scientist, teacher, journalist, players, said Shamsunahar, head teacher of Sadapasa government primary school under Kulaura Upazila

When this correspondent visited the some government Primary Schools under Kulaura Upazila found it. Teachers, parents, school management committee members and children are now happy as a new formula.

This initiative pioneer Sharif-ul-Islam is an Upazila primary education officer in Kulaura come in 2013 with the long-term objective of improving the education qualities improving condition of primary kids.

He told this correspondent, he would talk to the government primary school teachers listening to their problems and offering what little help he could. Some of problems he faced. But nothing could stop him.

He tried to communicate his vision of a respectful life for teachers where they would be appreciated for their contributions.

At first he started working with only a government primary school. Then he covers 185 government primary school as colorful school.

Sharif has received many prestigious awards in recognition of his contribution. He was honored with the “Best UEO” award by deputy-director of primary education department of Sylhet in 2016.

“Colorful school” pioneer Kulaura primary Education Officer Sharif-ul-Islam said that the purposes behind shape are students who take pleasure in their schools. In this regards I motivated under the title of “My dreams my school” become colored school.

Tahmina Khatun, deputy-director of primary education department of Sylhet said, it may be added that Sharif’s motivation style and charisma has been a “role model” for the entire teaching fraternity in the Upazila. She said, Sharif is the exponent of the concept in the Upazila who have contributed substantially to the development of primary education.

The Board selected Sharif for this prestigious award, she added.


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