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Baishakhi Mela at Hotel Sarina from Apr 13

Hotel Sarina has taken 10 -day- long Bengali Food Festival and Baishakhi Mela  at  Amrit Restaurant of the hotel  from April 13  to April 22, 2016 along with thee -day Baishakhi Mela at the Hotel Lobby.The Food Festival will be a treat for the food connoisseur who will be able to experience an authentic Bengali spread.

The festival is designed to bring in a feeling of celebrations and welcoming the Bengali New Year. One can explore the authentic culinary delights of Bengal that have inspired some of the greatest minds of our nation. Food lovers can have the food during lunch and dinner time. Chef Rahman and his team have crafted the menu to beautifully blend the subtle flavors and create the wonderful sojourn of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

The lavishing spread of delicacies includes few traditional and savory items such as bhapa Ilish, llish shorshe, papda shorshe, pui shaak diye Ilish maacher matha, Chingri malai curry, a traditional Bengali dish made with jumbo prawns cooked in a spiced creamy sauce made with thick coconut milk. Pantha bhat with different kinds of Bhortas, the Bengali styled poori. Kosha Mangsho is the Spicy Bengali Mutton Curry. His briyani is a delicacy in itself with the use of subtle spices entrapped in a dum.

He accentuates most of his dishes with a tempering of whole spices finished with a touch of ghee or mustard oil. Lastly, how can one skip the soul-satisfying desserts like Misti doi, Rosssogolla & many more.

To add to the festival is the Baishakhi Mela which will also start from April 13, 2016 for 03 days at its lobby. Guests can enjoy different types of foods – which include pitha, chotpoti, fuchka, muri murkhi and many more, also there will be stalls for small gift items such as Dhol, DugDugi and handicraft items. To add more color there will be a stall for hand painting (mehendi) and face painting on the event date.

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