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SEZ : Addressing the land question

Ahmad Ibrahim In a developing country such as Bangladesh, where the implementation of democracy still seems a far flung dream as national budgets blur the line between fantasy and expectation, land has come to be the defining issue of the day. It is of little surprise that a third-world country, caught in the throes of frantic industrial development, would have ... Read More »

How to achieve agriculture emissions target

Dr Lini Wollenberg To guide climate change mitigation and track progress towards this ambitious agreement, clear and measurable global targets need to be set for all sectors. But greenhouse gas emission reductions by the usual suspects – the industrial, transport, and energy sectors -won’t be enough to meet the 2°C limit. Scenarios indicate that mitigation in agriculture also will be ... Read More »

Water for life and livelihood

 Shah Md Anowar Kamal  Water is essential for life and livelihoods. No living being on Earth can survive without it. It is a prerequisite for human health and well-being as well as for the preservation of the environment. Water is a vital resource for businesses and agriculture. Globally agriculture is the largest user of water which accounts for 70% of ... Read More »

Atiur’s success and failure

He also presided over two giant scams at Sonali, Btiur Rahman, who resigned as the Bangladesh Bank governor yesterday over the mishandling of the heist episode, championed financial inclusion, digitalisation of banking system, and socially and environmentally responsible financing in his nearly seven-year tenure. The 10th governor of the BB has proved that it is not stress that made him ... Read More »

Water crisis in Dhaka City

Helena Jahangir   Bangladesh’s water crisis affects both rural and urban areas, and is a matter of both water scarcity and water quality. While Bangladesh has made commendable progress in supplying safe water to its people, gross disparity in coverage still exists across the country. Latrine usage is very poor, averaging only 16% in the rural areas. Diarrheal diseases constitute ... Read More »

World Food Day: HEAD TO HEAD

Food security and hidden hunger Shykh Seraj Everyday 17,000 children around the world die of hunger. And 800.5 million live in extreme hunger. The main reason behind hunger is poverty. According to Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, a person needs 2,790 kilocalories a day to stay healthy. Overall, food supply has increased, but due to poor ... Read More »

Is Greece now on the road to recovery?

BBC Online Bailout number three is, more or less, in the pipeline. Another parliamentary vote – after a bad tempered debate – has ticked some more of the boxes required by the eurozone. So what next for Greece? Third Bailout First let’s be clear – that third financial rescue package has still to be negotiated. So much political blood has ... Read More »

BD economy can’t afford more political crisis

A Commentator Disruption and instability caused by the political impasse is proving hugely damaging to the nation. Across all sectors, ordinary people are suffering, and many people’s livelihoods are increasingly threatened by the crisis. The World Bank predicts economic growth in the current fiscal year is likely to stall at 6.2% which is considerably lower than the government projection of ... Read More »

Economic dev in 2014 shows mixed signals, most financial indicators displayed remarkable progress : BB The economic developments of 2014 conveyed mixed signals. Most financial indicators displayed remarkable progress. However, some opportunities for improving infrastructure and revenue mobilization still remained. We need to look at them in 2015. Political turbulence, hartal, and blockades that spanned through 2013 almost entirely took heavy toll on the economy of the country. As a result, investment stagnancy was ... Read More »

Poor implementation capacity blocking foreign aid utilisation

By Hemayet Hossain An English daily reported on Monday that some $1.94 billion in foreign aid remains unutilized due to our lack of of ability to use the fund. Whereas the investment scenario in the country is simply at a standstill and our ability to negotiate new deals is remarkably poor Thus, it speaks much about our capacity building in ... Read More »