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Investigators chasing ‘every angle’ on missing jet

Dozens of ships and aircraft have failed to find any piece of the missing Boeing 777 jet that vanished more than two days ago above waters south of Vietnam as investigators pursued “every angle” to explain its disappearance, including hijacking, Malaysia’s civil aviation chief said Monday. Malaysian maritime officials found some oil slicks in the South China Sea and sent ... Read More »

Obama, Japanese PM discuss Ukraine in phone call

The White House says President Barack Obama spoke with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe about the situation in Ukraine and both leaders agree that Russia’s actions threaten international peace and security. In the call late Thursday, the White House says that Obama and Abe spoke of the importance of preserving Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The two leaders noted there ... Read More »

Coal crunch gives impetus to India’s solar switch

For six years in a row, India’s monopoly coal producer has missed its production targets, leading to chronic electricity shortages and sending power producers scrambling for pricier imports. But what looks like a looming crisis could turn out to be an almost accidental energy overhaul. Like many developing nations, India has relied for decades on cheap coal to provide electricity ... Read More »

Mohamaya: More than a lake, but neglected

It is wonderful.Many call it the second Foy’s Lake, but lack of maintenance of its infrastructures and inadequate security measures for visitors are destroying all the prospects Mohamaya Lake has. Three years have elapsed since the Prime Minister inaugurated the scenic hillside lake in the upazila, but its embankments are still full of potholes simply for lack of maintenance. More ... Read More »

265 Anne Frank books vandalized in Tokyo libraries

Anne Frank’s “The Diary of a Young Girl” and scores of books about the young Holocaust victim have been vandalized in Tokyo public libraries since earlier this year. The damage was mostly in the form of dozens of ripped pages in the books. Librarians have counted at least 265 damaged books at 31 municipal libraries since the end of January. ... Read More »

92 prisoners escape in western Libyan jailbreak

A Libyan local official says 92 prisoners have escaped from a prison in a western town due to weak security. Hassan bin Sophia, who is spokesman of the Zliten local council, said only four guards were watching 220 criminal and political detainees at the prison on Friday. He said the prisoners asked for a doctor, and when the prison gate ... Read More »

Small earthquake shakes 2 US states

A small earthquake has hit in South Carolina, startling residents and shaking homes both in South Carolina and across the border in Georgia. USGS Geophysicist Dale Grant said late Friday that the quake had a magnitude of 4.1 and was centered 7 miles (11 kilometers)west of the town of Edgefield, South Carolina. Grant said he has not received reports of ... Read More »

5 illegal gold miners killed in Colombia

A wall of rain-sodden earth collapsed into an illegal, open-air gold mining pit in southwestern Colombia on Friday, killing five miners and injuring 12, authorities said. Red Cross spokesman Cesur Uruena in Bogota said heavy rains were impeding attempts to land helicopters in the municipality of Santa Barbara de Iscuande in Narino state to evacuate the injured. He put the death ... Read More »

Egypt mosques: Weekly sermon themes set by government

 Mosques across Egypt have witnessed the first Friday sermon on a set theme chosen by the government as part of newly introduced controls on Muslim places of worship. The policy is controversial in a country that is deeply polarised after the army overthrew President Mohammad Morsi last year after mass protests, amid deep resentment against his single year in power. ... Read More »

Germany wants to improve hunt for Nazi-looted art

Germany wants to double state funding for the hunt for Nazi-looted art, which since 2008 has amounted to €14.5 million ($19.7 million).  The government was criticized by Jewish groups last year for being slow to announce the discovery of more than 1,400 artworks in a Munich apartment in early 2012. Some of the paintings, drawings and prints are claimed by ... Read More »