Tuesday , 15 June 2021
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Tree fellings by political men : Country costs Tk 100bn

The country has suffered a loss of over Tk 100 billion due to the ongoing rampant felling of trees by political activists  during blockade, shutdown and other agitation programmes, claimed green activists here on Thursday. “Trees are being cut down indiscriminately across the country during hartals and blockades enforced by opposition parties to put barricade on roads and highways to ... Read More »

Climate change hits bird migration

To escape freezing cold during winter, birds from the Himalayas and faraway places like Siberia usually migrate to relatively warmer swampy wetlands, low-lying areas and coastal belt of Bangladesh, but the pattern of winged visitors is now changing fast due to climatic changes and local disturbances. “Twenty years ago, we saw the flocks of migratory birds during the month of ... Read More »

Brahmaputra, Teesta drying up abnormally due to climate change

Rangpur Correspondent The adverse impacts of climate  change have forced the mighty rivers of Brahmaputra, Teesta and their tributaries to dry up abnormally much ahead of the dry season now like every year in recent times. The Brahmaputra has now the lowest water flow in some narrower channels causing emergence of many shoals hampering   navigability, irrigation, ecology, environment, bio-diversity andlowering ... Read More »

Bird poaching fest going on in S wetlands

Indiscriminate poaching of birds by a section of local people has started in the wetlands of the southern region, including Khulna, barely with the advent of winter this year. Both with a callous disregard for ecology and greed for money and meat of the graceful creature of nature, the poachers catch and kill the innocent birds by placing poison traps ... Read More »

Govt plans providing clean cookstoves for 30 m people by 2030

businessnews24bd.com Age old cooking practices in the country cause severe health hazards for women and their families who breathe in the dangerous smoke, as well as have devastating impacts on the environment. To bring about a much needed change in this existing scenario and to build on the foundation of several successful programs currently underway, Government of Bangladesh is set ... Read More »

The asteroid is expected to come close to hitting Earth in 2032

NASA call for calm on asteroid that could destroy Earth in 2032! AN ASTEROID with power 50 times greater than the world’s most powerful nuclear bomb could be heading for Earth in 2032, astronomers say. Ukrainian astronomers announced last week that they had discovered an asteroid that has the potential to destroy Earth in 19 years time. The international scientific ... Read More »

16,500 workers to keep city clean during Eid

Mithun Kamal The two city corporations of Dhaka have appointed about 16,500 cleaners to dispose of the waste of sacrificial cattle during the approaching Eid-ul-Azha. Official sources said on Monday that devotees might sacrifice about four lakh animals this year, which would generate about 30,000 tonnes of waste. Meanwhile, the Eid holidays of all officials and employees of waste management ... Read More »

Hatirjheel Project:Water polluted, wastes pile up

Mithun Kamal Hatirjheel Project, the much talked about recreation centre, is losing its appeal and attraction and started to stinking now. Sources said when it rains, solid waste mixed with it enters the Hatirjheel-Begunbari Lake, and thereby, pollutes the lake water. Most of the visitors do not apply civic sense when they go to the project area. They carry with ... Read More »

HC rejects writ petition on Rampal power plant

The High Court has quashed a writ petition seeking a stay on the execution of the 1320MW Rampal coal-fired power plant. The HC bench of Justice M Moazzam Husain and Justice Md Badruzzaman gave the order on Sunday. It was referred to their bench on Wednesday when Justice Zafar Ahmed, in another bench with Justice Naima Haider, said he was ... Read More »

Call to to refrain from implementing Rampal Thermal Power Plant

businessnews24bd.com Leaders of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports on Saturday at a rally in the capital called on the Awami League led government to refrain from implementing Rampal Thermal Power Plant as it would be threat for the Sundarbans. The Dhaka City unit of the national committee held a march from Shahbagh to ... Read More »