Friday , 25 June 2021
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Eid sales on in full swing

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Eid shopping is going on in full swing as festival-makers are thronging city markets to buy their Eid gifts.

Visiting different shopping centres over the last couple of days, some individuals in their efforts have been heard to ‘buy some joys’ for their near and dear ones on the occasion of Eid.

People are seen crowding the luxurious shopping malls more for the good environment and good collections.

A visitor, Mahmuda Akhter, said, “The environment is congenial to us. It’s very tough to stay at the shopping centre for a long time without air conditioner in the summer. So, I’ve chosen the Bashundara Shopping Mall. It’s a centre for good collections with fresh arrivals of national international brands. The price is too high, but comfortable to shop.”

Rafiq, a salesman of a saree shop at Eastern Plaza, said the sale has increased after the 10th Ramadan. “Now we’re selling a huge number of products. The rush of buyers goes high after the iftar.”

Humiyara Anka, a student of North South University, was visiting Jamuna Future Park.

Talking to UNB, she said, “We didn’t expect this huge crowd. It would have been better had we come some days ago. All the sellers are busy with the sale. We’re not getting enough time to choose in the rush.”

Alongside the luxurious shopping malls, middle- and lower middle-income people are gathering at different shopping centres like Rajdhani Super Market in Tikatuli, New Market that sell products at formidable prices.

Talking to UNB at Rajdhani Super Market, Rahim, a day labourer, said, “I don’t have the ability to go to big markets. I buy dresses from this market. The price is low. I’ll buy some dresses for my family who live at the village.”

Footpaths near the markets across the city are also crowded with the buyers. A footpath vendor, Rasel Mahmood, said they sell more dresses in the Eid season.

“All kinds of buyers gather here. We sell our products at a very low cost. Now we’re keeping our shops open from day to the late night to tackle the rush,” he said.

Mohammad Zinnah, manager of Kay Kraft, a popular fashion house at Aziz Super Market, said their sale is very satisfactory. “In the earlier days of the Ramadan, the sale was moderate, but now more visitors are buying dresses.”

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