Sunday , 19 September 2021
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First ever floating oil refinery terminal in Bay in the offing, oilChittagong 

First ever floating oil terminal  of the country is going to be installed  in the Bay near Moheskhali island  under Cox’sBazar district  very shortly.

In this connection, an agreement   for installing the terminal will be signed with China next month. The aims for installing oil terminal in Bay is to discharge imported  crude and refined oil from the mother vessels.

Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation sources said,  in the meantime, Power & Mineral resources ministry  sent a formal letter to Planning Minister seeking permission for the same.

Sources said China CMC Engineering Company Ltd, a state owned firm will construct the terminal under BOT agreement.

BPC sources said ,  about  Tk.5500 cr will be incurred for constructing Bay oil terminal. In the meantime Chinese state owned firm sent a proposal to Bangladesh govt for this.

A  sources said this agreement for oil terminal will be signed during the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Mr. Shi Gingsinghe in Bangladesh in next month. Mentionable that in 2010, BPC proposed for constructing a floating terminal but later the decision remained hanging following the change of structural plans.

Under the present plans of BT, two 96 kilometers long parallel pipelines will be installed in Bay ground level from Moheskhali Mooring terminal point to Easter RefinerynTerminal  at Patenga on  north  bank of Karnaphuli  for discharging refined oil in on pipeline a nd crude oil in another pipeline.

Besides, a 14 kilomerters long  one  pipeline will be installed from mooring point to Moheskhali plain land along with a high capacity  oil lifting machine at Moheskhali island point, sources added.

Mentionable that the existing  lifting pressure machine of  oil tankers  is unable to discharge crude oil from long distance of 96 kilometers as such it is essential to install Bay Terminal with high power discharging machine , sources added.

A reliable sources said  BPC incurs loss of US $ 12.80 crores annually  through pilfering of oil during lightering from mother vessels to inland refinery and if the BT is constructed , country will save huge foreign currency from losses of oil pilferage.

At present BPC imported refined and crude oil are discharged from mother oil tankers anchoring at outer berth in Bay  through small  lighter vessels which discharged finally at EPL in Patenga , sources said

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