Friday , 25 June 2021
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Fresh RMG unrest at Savar, Gazipur

Savar and RMG-Workers-1Gazipur Correspondent

Some Ready-made garment workers have hit the streets in protest again — now demanding a minimum monthly wage of Tk 8,000.

Well after the garment factory owners have accepted the government-sponsored wage board recommendation of a TK 5,300 minimum monthly wage, these workers seem to be asking for more.

Clashes between them and police erupted at Savar’s Ashulia and Gazipur’s Konabari and Kashimpur on Sunday.

Ashulia Industrial police-1 chief Abdus Sattar said some RMG workers came down on the Dhaka-Tangail highway and attacked vehicles before police drove them off.

About fifty RMG factories closed down in the area after the mayhem.

Some workers also blocked the Dhaka-Tangail highway at Gazipur’s Kashimpur and Konabari and damaged vehicles.

Number of garment factories closed down in these areas, Joydebpur and Konabari police station OCs said.

In both Ashulia and Gazipur, police had to fire rubber bullets and lob teargas canisters to control the situation.

Police said fifty people, including workers, pedestrians and police, were injured in Ashulia and ten in Gazipur.

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