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Fund shortage hits purchasing of raw jutes in Khulna, Jessore

Ahsanul Amin George, from Khulnajute growers

Fund allocation by the  Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) for purchasing raw jute for nine Jute Mills in Khulna-Jessore region is  not sufficient, said some project heads of different Jute Mills in this region.

On  August 22, 2016, Taka 14.55 crores were released  only for purchasing raw jute for nine Jute Mills in Khulna-Jessore region.

Among the nine Jute Mills, seven  ones are in Khulna region and two others are in Jessore region. Khulna regions Jute Mills are- Crescent Jute Mills, Platinum Jubilee Jute Mills, Star Jute Mills, Daulatpur Jute Mills, Khalishpur Jute Mills, Alim Jute Mills and Eastern Jute Mills.

Jessore region Jute Mills are- J J I (Jessore Jute Industries)  and  Carpeting Jute Mills.

With the allocated money, only 35 thousand quintals raw jute is possible to purchase while demand of  raw jute in these Mills is 11 lakh quintals, BJMC Khulna regional office sources said.

Sources further said, Among the allocated  fund, Tk. 50 lakh for Alim jute Mills, Tk. 50 lakh for Carpeting Jute Mills, Tk. 2.60 crores for Crescent Jute Mills, Tk. 80 lakh for Daulatpur Jute Mills, Tk. 1.40 crores for Eastern Jute Mills, Tk. 1.25 crores for J J I  jute Mills, Tk. 1.50 crores for Khalishpur Jute Mills, Tk. 3.35 crores for Platinum Jubilee Jute Mills and Tk. 2.25 crores for Star Jute Mills were given for purchasing raw jute.

Mean while, target of purchasing raw jute for nine Jute Mills in this region were fixed as 10 lakh 98 thousand 750 quintals in the fiscal year 2016-17. Among the quantity 2,27,200 quintals raw jute were purchased up to  September 1, 2016. One month’s raw jute are deposited in nine Jute Mills by which 43 days production is possible.

Despite several attempts from 1.05pm to 1.20pm Yesterday (Monday) , Md. Rafiqul Islam, project head of the Crescent Jute Mills Company Limited, located at Khalishpur industrial area under Khalishpur police station in Khulna city,   this correspondent could not reach, though his cell phone was ringing and he did not receive it due to unknown mysterious reason .

Khalilur Rahman, CBA leader of Platinum Jubilee Jute Mills said, the fund which was released recently is not sufficient. At least Tk. 60 crores are required for purchasing raw jute.

“Season of purchasing raw jute is going on, cash is necessary now urgently”, Khalilur Rahman  further said.

He again said, target is not being filled up due to lack of raw jute. Not only in Platinum, but all the Jute Mills are facing the problem acutely

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