Sunday , 5 December 2021
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Much degradation of Janata Bank takes place in last 5- yr: Muhith
Degradation has taken place to a greater extent in Janata Bank Limited over the last five years, said Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith on Tuesday.

The bank’s board of directors will have to take the responsibility of it, he also said.
The Finance Minister also denied of seeking money from the state-owned Janata Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund for a boat race at Sunamganj haor.

Muhith was responding to the queries of reporters regarding Janata Bank’s former chairman Dr Abul Barakat while going out of a meeting on formation of a fund for multiple work of the government at Bangladesh Secretariat in the capital on Tuesday.

Dr Abul Barakat, outgoing chairman of Janata Bank Ltd, at a function at Basabo area in the capital on Monday, said Finance Minister AMA Muhith sent a letter to Janata Bank Limited (JBL) seeking money for a boat race at Sunamganj haor. The JBL’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities were suspended by the Finance Minister by misusing power due to the refusal of paying the money, Prof Barakat also alleged.

When his attention was drawn to it, the Finance Minister said, “I often receive many such prayers. Most of these prayers are also recommended. I just write recommended on the prayers. But, I can’t recall whether I have made any such recommendations. However, I try to maintain office record of whatever the recommendations I make. No such record has so far been found. Question doesn’t arise at all to write letters.”

Asked whether there is any personal matter involved, the minister said, “No personal matter is involved here. In fact, his (Barakat) tenure as Janata Bank chairman is over. It’ll not be renewed. He might have felt shock for it.”

Muhith further said, “There’re many intellectual giants in Awami League. We’ve to look after them. But, it’s not possible to look after someone else for lifelong or for an indefinite period. He was kept for five years. It’s enough.”

Degradation has taken place in Janata Bank to a greater extent during his tenure, he said.

The Finance Minister said, “When we came to power in 2009, it was the most efficient state-owned bank. All of the indicators of Janata Bank are now showing downward trend.”

When asked whether the activities of Janata Bank would be investigated, he said, “I don’t feel any necessity of investigating their activities.”

Regarding the bank’s chairman, Muhith said, “His tenure is over. It’ll not be increased. He may feel shock for it. We saw him for five years during the Awami League government previous tenure,” he said.

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