Sunday , 19 September 2021
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Negligence in procurement of railway engine lifting jack alleged, Chittagong

Bangladesh Railway Chittagong Controller of Stores is  going to procrly linkure mobile lifting jack through  International tender No. P6/ DSL/ SPL-Reqn/ 11/ 15/ RT, dated: 14/ 12/ 2014 . The  tender  was opened  on 23.03.2015 and   seven  bidders participated in the tender .

Evaluation Committee decided to select  an Indian offer considering as lowest bidder in the tender, ignoring the quality and safety matter and importance of the lifting jack under which more engineers and  technicians of Railway workshop will work together.

It is considered as super safety equipment as well as  more risky.

It is mentionable that , Indian manufacturer has no past record or experience  to supply   such products to railway.

Besides, past supplied lifting jack was supplied in the year 1953 & 1964 by the Canadian manufacturer M/s. Handling Specialty (Whiting Brand) which has been  running for  62 years and 50 last (One set is in Pahartali and another one is in Parboti pur workshop )

On the contrary,  Railway procured some other machineries from India under financed by ADB in the year 1988 which become useless  and scrap during short lasting  period stated by the workers of Railway workshop during interrogation.

In this regard Chief Controller of Stores(East) Engineer Mohammed Lutfar Rahman  stated that, we don’t know about performance of Indian lifting jack because, we have no past experience  with Indian Jack.

He also admitted that  it is a super safety equipment and  more risky. So, we should very carefully handle this matter to save  our engineers and workers who were rearing the engine under the bottom part of engine. we only floated tender but decision maker is Railway  Ministry. We can not say more than that, he added.

The authority concern should take decision for the welfare of our country and specially for the safe and damaging engine to occurred and incident in future.

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