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PWD implementing dev project worth over 300 cr in Sylhet

Sylhet-District-MapS A Shofiee, Sylhet 

The Department of Public Works, (PWD) Sylhet Division has been implementing development schemes worth over 300 crore in order to facilitate and accelerate, concerned department at office and accommodation in Sylhet Divisional headquarters. Under these development projects, Replacement of Sylhet District Jail at present located in between Bandarbazar and Dhopadighi, will be transferred to Badaghat, the western suburb of Sylhet City, Construction of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)-9 office at Hilalpur, Southern suburb of Sylhet City and establishment of Marine Academy– all these projects will cost Tk. 300 Crore while the remaining schemes will also cost Tk. 50 Crore, which are under processing.

It should be mentioned here that the Sylhet District Jail remains failed to accommodate ever-increasing number of imprisoned persons, prison police personnels. Although the staff quarters for prison police constables and their officers are located outside the prison campus, there in an acute accommodation problem faced by Sylhet district jail staff and police personnels. The transfer of Sylhet Jail from Bandarbazar to a wider place has keenly been felt since long. In order to serve the purpose, 30 acres of land have been acquired at Badaghat, a western suburb of Sylhet City. Sylhet Central Jail will be transferred there soon. The buildings of Jail, drain and road construction and inserting deep tube-wells will cost tk. 1,97,27,27,000/- (One hundred ninety seven Crore twenty seven Lakh and twenty seven thousand) altogether. The materialization of the jail project is in full swing.

In the other project under Home Ministry, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)-9, Head quarters is going to be shifted from Textile Mills, Islampur to its present location of Hilalpur under South Surma, the southeastern suburb of Sylhet City. A land area of 10 acres have been acquired, upon which 14 buildings are being constructed at the cost of estimated Tk. 62,47,32,000/- but the present estimated budget will surpass, says an official of PWD Sylhet Division. With the transfer of RAB-9 headquarters, the elite-force will gain acceleration, smooth functioning and will lunch immediate and whirlwind campaign against anti-social crimes and terrorism. At present RAB-9 personnels have no sufficient housing accommodation. Not only that they live in an improvised building now.

Moreover, RAB personnels have no drilling place or short-course training accommodation. With the materialization of Helalpur project, RABs major problems will be solved, feels a RAB official on condition of anonymity.

Under Sylhet Public Works Departmental Development Projects, Sylhet Marine Academy Building is going to be built and 35% of the building has been constructed. Under Naval Ministry Development programe for four marine academic buildings at Pabna, Barishal, Sylhet, Rangpur financed by the concerned ministry are being built. The rough estimation of Badaghat Marine Academy has been earmarked Tk. 87,61,16,000/- (eighty seven crore sixty one lakh and sixteen thousand) but the cost estimation needs to be increased with the price-hike of the construction materials. The project is going to be implemented by June 2017 and ship-driving, undergoing jobs are to be taught in this academy, it has been learnt.

Besides, with the cost of Tk. 14 Crore, Sylhet Nursing CollegeÕs 6-storeyed building, at the cost of Tk. 6 Crore, Dr. Dilruba Begum Hostel construction at Sylhet M.A.G Osmani Medical College, Kajolhaor area, Dr. Milon Interne Doctor’s Hostel at the cost of Tk. 6.5 Crore, Construction of Police barrack with the cost of Tk. 16 Crore at Sylhet Police lines beside Rikabibazar in Sylhet City, Police ArmsÕ House Construction with an estimated cost of Tk. 2.5 Crore at Sylhet Police Lines, all feature the on-going development projects under PWD Sylhet Division.

Besides, Fenchugonj Technical Training Centre, Sylhet Textile Engineering College, Textile Engineering Institute, Textile Vocational Institute and Bangladesh Television (BTV) full-fledged centre are also included and have been under process as per development schemes, being implemented and materialised by PWD, Sylhet, which has been trying its utmost to accelerate its on-going development schemes. When contacted, Executive Engineer, PWD Sylhet Sheikh Mizanur Rahman said 84% of Sylhet Jail Construction has been finished. He hoped the remaining part will be completed with in the stipulated time.


Dope gangs active in Sylhet again


Dope gangs have recently been desperate again to rob people of money and other valuables in the Sylhet and elsewhere despite action against the criminals.

Locals said many gangsters are roaring in the streets to loot money and other valuables, raising concern among the public.

Nowadays, the crime has become a common phenomenon as many fall prey to the gangs and lose their valuables and even lives.

Though police arrested some gang members, they have become active again after getting release on bail from jail, sources said.

Intelligence agencies said dope gangsters are active in at least 20 spots in the Sylhet.

”gyan Party” (dope gang) members make their targets unconscious by feeding them sedatives or using poisonous ointments in their eyes. Later, they took away their money and other valuables.

Sources at Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital (OMCH) said at least 2-3 victims take treatment at hospital every day after being robbed of their possessions.

The places where the criminals are active are Surma point, Kinbridge Mour, Sylhet Railway Station, Kadamtoli, Court point, Terminal and Amberkhana area.

During preliminary interrogations, the arrestees confessed they travel on public vehicles in guise of commuters and commit the crime, said DB joint commissioner Sylhet.

”We also recovered medicine, ointments and some other items used to make people unconscious,” he added.


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