Friday , 25 June 2021
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`Rampal won`t hurt Sundarbans`


Claiming that Rampal Power Plant will not do any harm to the world`s largest mangrove forest Sundarbans, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said a quarter against country`s development are involved in conspiracy against the project. They are trying to mislead people through baseless propaganda.
The Premier came up with the statement while briefing media on Rampal Power Plant at Gono Bhaban on Saturday afternoon. She started addressing the press conference around at 4:17pm.


This is PM`s first official statement on the 1,320-megawatt power plant to be built by Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company, a joint venture of Bangladesh Power Development Board and the National Thermal Power Corporation Limited of India.


Referring electricity key component to the development she said, “Almost all power plants in the country are made natural gas based. Now we are to move for coal-fire based plants as we may face gas crisis in near future.


The Rampal power plant is located about 14 kilometers away from the outer boundary of the Sundarbans and 65 kilometers away from the world heritage site. International rule permits coal-based power plant beyond 10 kilometers area of a deep forest, she said.


Recalling the announcement of UNESCO declaring the Sundarbans as a world heritage site in 1997, the Prime Minister said the recognition was earned during the time of Awami League government due to its effective initiative.


Blasting BNP chairperson for joining the propaganda against the power plant, the Prime Minister said, “Position of BNP chairperson is like that of showing more sympathy to a child by aunty than one`s mother.”


Sheikh Hasina said the proposed Bangladesh-India Friendship Thermal Power Plant at Rampal is one of those coal-based plants the government has decided to install in different parts of the country to meet the growing electricity demand and reach the electricity to people at a logical price.


But a vested section against development has been spreading negative, baseless, fictitious and misleading information among people for the last few days and trying to make them fearful of the project, she added.

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