Tuesday , 15 June 2021
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Rupayan City Uttara : country’s first mega gated community

New way of living with all amenities, highest security
Gated Community, a community where majority of the living facilities are offered for its inhabitants all in one area surrounded by a gate.
Most of the urban areas in Bangladesh are choking under the burden of overpopulation and unplanned residential and commercial establishments. Living a healthy life with a feeling of total security in the currently available urban spaces is gradually becoming a myth. A private and peaceful way of life coupled with availability of modern amenities that the emerging higher middle-class and upper class groups of the urban population is desperately craving for, faces an urgent address.
Finally, there is an answer to that need! Gated Community that has been rising in popularity all around the world including the sub continental neighbors of India and Pakistan, have started their journey in Bangladesh. Gated Communities are so popular worldwide. The answer can be found with Jeffery Biebuyck, an estate agent with Ewing and Associates in the USA. He says that Gated Communities offer their residents the 3 P’s – Privacy, Protection, and Prestige.
Mega gated communities are a separate residential system from the hustle and bustle of regular city life, generally with an abundance of greenery, open spaces, playing fields, recreation centers, shopping malls, schools, and all the amenities a modern citizen could ask for. This means that the residents can live in peace with optimum privacy, while ensuring a healthy upbringing of their children.
Protection, of course, is the greatest advantage that the inhabitants of a Gated Community could ask for. The entire perimeter of a Gated Community is surrounded by walls. Entry privileges are strictly controlled and the area is kept under continuous surveillance, which dramatically reduces the chances of unwarranted disruptions to security. One can relax and concentrate on their work life without worrying about their family’s safety in a Gated Community.
Throughout the world, gated communities are closely synonymised with prestige. The modern ambience and the state-of-the art, meticulously planned residential system ensures that people want to live there, and those who already do, are identified with a certain charm. All in all, Gated Communities not only offer a place to live, they offer a whole new lifestyle.
Bangladesh, maintaining a rapid pace of economic growth over the last decade, has been showing signs of an upgrade in many of its socio-economic aspects. And just as perceived, the wind has touched the sails. If the real estate sector is taken into consideration, for example, Gated Communities have started taking its initial steps here, which is a major sign that the sector is moving to the next level.
Rupayan City Uttara has started its journey as the first-ever Mega Gated Community in Bangladesh. Spanning over 134.5 bighas and designed by renowned national and international architects, Rupayan City Uttara has already caught eyeballs for being the first-of-its-kind Mega Gated Community in the country.
The community maintains the highest standards of security by means of round-the-clock surveillance, strict entry privileges, and a walled boundary. The community has four different parts or phases – Rupayan Grand, Rupayan Majestic, and Rupayan Sky Villa have a variety of state-of-the-art apartments of various price ranges to be chosen by customers depending on their preference and budget. Each of the buildings in the project has individual basements and designed in order to maximise the shock-wave absorption. This is an eco-friendly project with enough open spaces providing jogging tracks and several playing fields. Rupayan Maxus, on the other hand, comprises of cutting edge hotels, office spaces, and a shopping mall.
It is time that the slowly evolving residential system of Bangladesh took the next step forward. Gated Communities have appeared to do just that. If someone wants a distinctive lifestyle with dignity and free from the inconvenient hassles plaguing the urban system, he or she would highly consider a possibility of moving into a Gated Community.

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