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200 disabled deprived from

facilities in a village in Bishwanath

Sylhet Correspondent:

Amtoil is the largest village of Bishwanath Upazila. 200 disabled lived here but they are deprived from all facilities including disabled salary.

Bishwanath is known for its people who live in exile. Most of them live in Uk. Amtoil is thickly populated village. Total Population is more than 25 thousand in 3 words. Number of voter 7 thousand. Most are fisherman. It is 7 km away from Bishwanath Upazila headquarter. Number of poor are maximum. Due to unhealthy environment   disease is  a common factor. It has no sanitation facility, health care. So diarrhea dysentery are common matter. Pregnant women face malnutrition, unhealthy living. So disable children born. It is the opinion of many person.

In that village each house has one children disabled. Some family have more disabled infant. Some of them are mental, some are speech and some are gender disabled. If present rate continue Number of disabled will cross thousand with in a few year.

local UP. member Abul khair said, Number of disabled increasing day by day. But they are not receive any assistance from the government.

Rampasa UP Chairman Advocate Alamgir said, it is thickly populated area. Many have disabled Children. He want government help for them.

Acting Health Officer of Upazila health Complex Dr Yasin Arafat said, During Pregnancy period parent are not alert and malnutrition is main reason. Take doctors advise nd health consciousness Otherwise it will in crease.

2 British citizens honoured by SCC

Tower Hamlets Speaker Khalis Uddin Ahmed and labour party Kilburn and west ham branch secretary renowned Community leader Nazma Rahman Shopna was honoured. On Sunday night a progamme was arranged by Sylhet City Corporation in the Conference hall of hotel Metro International. SCC CEO Enamul Habib presided it.

The speakers said, our people who live in UK. become successful and made a good image of Bangladesh. It is a positive approach for us. UK and Bangladesh has good relation. Two city authority try to utilize the matter properly. Later SCC give crest to the honored person.

SCC Administrative Officer Hanifur Rahman Conducted the programme. Councilor Eliasur Rahaman, Soyful Amin bakar, Dinar khan hasu, Azadur Rahman Azad, Towfik box lipon, Jahanara Begum also spoke the programme.

 First Documentary of Gen Osmani released

General MAG Osmani show his merit during his life time. At student life he was meritorious, at service he was veteran fighter, he was pioneer in politics. He was involve in the constitution making of Bangladesh.

This was picturised in a documentary. It was made by renowned Journalist of VOA Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury. Osmani Trust take this initiative for the 45th Anniversary of independence.

Organizers informed it is built to know and inform about General Osmani. Iqbal Bahar works for it about 2 years. It is made in USA But at first showed in Bangladesh. At the first of march 2017 in present of Journalist Iqbal Bahar it will be released in this documentary many politician, research specialist and ex army officer remember the life and work of General Osmani. All say about his farsightness  and devotion to construct war torn Bangladesh. So he is immortal to our country man.

A discussion meeting was organized in Zilla Parished Hall room on Sunday. Maj Gen (RTD) Helal Murshed described him a man of lion heart. He loved the soldiers as him son. He show his farsightness in the war of 1971. Under his dynamic leadership pak army bound to left this country.

Maj Gen (RTD) Azizur Rahman said, we must give him due respect. He work whole life for peoples fundamental rights.

Former Secretary Mufazzal karim and a large number of people were present in the programme.


Finance minister inaugurates 10 dev projects

Finance Minister AMA Muhit formally inaugurated 10 Development project in Sylhet. He inaugurates there in a simple ceremony in sylhet court at 9-30 AM on Tuesday.

Projects are Bar Hall No- 5, Uddipon a moral in circuit house premises. Minar complex of Shahi Edgah, 4 roads of SCC, New buildings of Sanskrit College, Ne building of PDB-1, Lakkatura High School. Badaghat REB Sub- Station, Jalalabad UP Complex, Rakhalgul and Jainarkandi primary school Building.

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