Friday , 25 June 2021
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Campaign in 3 Upazilla in full swing

violating election code


Sylhet Correspondent

Local Union Parishad election in 3 Upazillas in Sylhet Viz Dakshin Surma, Golapgonj and Biswanath will help on 7th May. Candidates continue their Campain with full strength. Election code are violated by the candidates it is alleged. Yahya Chowdhury Local MP of Biswanath violating election code from last few days he is working in favor of his younger brother Sohal Al Razi. Not only that he is promising to various types of development programme of another candidates made supporter.

District Election officer Azizul Islam said MP’s are not allowed in the UP election Campaign.He said receiving any complain they (E.C) take action.As yet no complain they receive.

In 3 Upazilla for 25 chairman 1 thousand 4 hundred candidate contesting. These area are now busy with election purpose after submitting nomination candidates are busy with P.R after allocating symbol the situation is changing. Avoiding rain and thunder shower candidates running to the voters door to door for canvassing. Their kith and kins are also involve huse number of election poster are visible the areas. At the same time meetings exchanging idea, field work and area meeting are continusing. Leaflet and handbills are supplied to the voters. Along with each  Candidates set their office in every village in a short election campaign is running in full swing.

Auto-rickshaws become

bane for passengers in Sylhet city


Most CNG drivers in the Sylhet city  run without meters or charge extra fare from passengers, despite warnings from the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority.

several commuters said most auto-rickshaw drivers now charge a minimum fare of Tk100 for any distance, and they often refuse to make short trips.

The government has decided to increase the number of CNG-run auto-rickshaws in Sylhet city without adopting any strict or effective measure to ensure hassle-free travel for passengers.

Although the four-stroke three-wheelers are a major cause of traffic congestion in Sylhet city,The CNG-run vehicles, however, have not readjusted fare meters to comply with government-fixed rates.

The drivers, however, defend their position saying owners charge them a high rental price – Tk 800 to 1,000 per day. They also claim that extortion and harassment by traffic police cost them a lot.

A driver told the that Police, in most cases, intercept us on the road and demand Tk1,000 as extortion for plying without meters. If we refuse to pay the illegal money, they file a case,”

M.Hussain  a professor of SUST said auto-rickshaws are necessary for private travel in the city.

SMP additional commissioner (traffic) said a huge number of cases are filed against auto-rickshaw drivers and their owners, but that does not deter them from charging extra fares or rent.

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