Wednesday , 19 January 2022
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Terror grips DU campus over muggings, dumped corpses

Muggings, shootouts and dumping of corpses have left inmates of Dhaka University campus in a state of fear, reports

The university authorities do not deny the rise in crime on the campus, but say it is open on all sides and prone to incursions by criminals.


Students and teachers as well other employees are a worried lot — they feel the campus is more unsafe than ever before.Twenty serious crimes have been reported from the campus in the last three years.

Last Tuesday, around 2:45pm, four riding a  motorcycle tried to snatch the belongings of former DU student Moniruzzaman Masud.  He resisted but the snatchers fired and decamped with his bag.

A police vehicle was parked a few yards from the spot of the crime near the Vice Chancellor’s office . The Nilkhet and New Market police stations were in an area through which the snatchers escaped on their motorcycle.


On Jan  31 morning, at around the same spot where Masud was robbed, two criminals brandishing knives snatched away the mobile phone from second year student Imarat Hossain Khan.Khan was on his way to class from the Sergeant Zahirul Haque Hall where he stays.

Two months ago, DU Chhatra League vice-president Abdullah Al-Zubair was on his way to hostel when his motorcycle was blocked by a private car near Banbeis.

As he turned his motorcycle to escape, the car inmates fired at Zubair.

On Nov 21 last year,  the handbag of the Netherlands’ ambassador was stolen  during a programme at Dhaka University’s fine arts faculty.


Ambassdor  Leoni Margaretha Cuelenaere said the bag contained valuables and documents including an iPad, an iPhone, and bank documents.Thankfully, the thief was caught later.

Snatchers decamped with a gold chain when the wife of a former student was approaching the Nilkhet gate to attend the Durga Puja celebrations there on Oct 9.

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