Tuesday , 15 June 2021
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Thousands suffer as bridge damaged over Sanchai River

Jhenaidah Correspondent

Thousands of people of at least 30 villages have been suffering badly when the only bridge over the River Sanchai at Tikari Bazer in Jhenaidah Sadar upazila was damaged. The people, especially, the farmers in vast area are the worst sufferers as they have been running additional 10 to 15 kilometres of road to bring their crops in the market for sale.

But the authorities are almost keeping themselves idle taking any effective measures to repair the bridge.

Locals said, the local government engineering department (LGED) constructed the bridge over Sanchai River in between Narikelbaria and Tikari in 1994 to improve the road communications of thousands of people, especially, the farmers of nearby Jitar, Bhabanipur, Miakundu, Kushobaria, Dhananjoypur, Muktarampur, Marandi, Narikelbaria, Tikari, Dohakola, Digherpar, Lakkhipur, Malanchi, Bango, Beriol and some others.

As the bridge was constructed allegedly with sub standard materials, a slab of the bridge was damaged faster. Since then the people have set bamboo on the damaged portion of the bridge to ease the troubles anyhow. They have been crossing the bridge with the risk of their lives and property every day.

Abdur Rahim, a aged farmer in the locality said, the farmers are not in a position to send their crops to markets for selling as the vehicles cannot cross the bamboo made alternative bridge. They have to run additional 20 to 25 kilometres of road to arrive the district head quarters as against 10 kilometres. It has been affecting them financially, Abdur Rahim said.

College students Marufa Khatun and Sahina expressed almost same opinion. They said, the students are also affected for want of smooth road communication when the bridge was damaged.

When contacted, executive engineer of the LGED in Jhenaidah Abdul Malek said, he was informed about the pitiable condition of the bridge. But he was not sure when the reconstruction work of the bridge would be started.


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