Tuesday , 15 June 2021
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Traders face huge lose due to barriers unloading containers

Chittagong Correspondentctg

Traders face a huge loss due to indecision and excuses of Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) in case of unloading imported products by Hanjin logo attached containers.


Meanwhile two cargo ships went back from the port as the authority did not allow unloading products.


Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) is not allowing to unload products imported by Hanjin logo attached containers, excusing uncertainty of recovery due money. As a result, many industrial groups and reputed trade institutions fell in crisis, facing a hefty financial loss.


Md Jafar Alam, member (administration and planning) of the CPA, told risingbd that Hanjin is now in state of bankruptcy. It owed a huge amount of money to CPA. At least an amount of one crore fare is being added with the due amount everyday by unloading anchored containers of Hanjin. So, fearing uncertainty to recover the due money, CPA does not allow unloading Hanjin attached containers.


He said, “A three-member team has been formed to verify the matter. Further decision will be taken depending on report of the committee.”


He, however, could not tell when the report would get and the Hanjin containers will not get permission for unloading.


Meanwhile, more than a hundred containers of Hanjin are waiting in the queue at the port for CPA permission for unloading.


Sources said, as CPA is not allowing unloading Hanjin containers, two cargo ships are taking preparation to go back.


Claiming anonymity, Officials of the logistic department`s of a large and reputed electric and electronics products producer company, said, “They imported raw materials from South Korea by Hanjin containers half and a month ago. CPA did not yet allow unloading the containers after paying all charges as per riles. As a result, they are facing a huge amount of financial loss.”


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