Wednesday , 20 October 2021
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WB President Jim Yong Kim visits Bangladesh on Sunday
The World Bank president Jim Yong Kim is arriving in Dhaka on Sunday to observe the ‘International Day on Poverty Alleviation’ in Bangladesh the next day.

He is also expected to deliver a ‘public lecture’ on poverty alleviation in Dhaka.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith says Kim’s observing the day in Bangladesh will be great recognition for its achievements in poverty alleviation.

The last time a World Bank (WB) chief visited Dhaka was in 2007, when Robert Zoellick came.

Immediately after Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan, the then World Bank chief Robert McNamara visited Bangladesh.

Former World Bank chiefs Paul Wolfowitz and James Wolfensohn also came to Bangladesh.

Kim is starting for Dhaka after completing the annual conference of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) held in Washington.

Muhith led the Bangladesh delegation at the WB-IMF meet.

WB officials say they are hopeful that the ‘untoward episode’ over the Padma Bridge project could be out of the way after the Kim’s visit.

Speaking to on the sidelines of the Washington meeting, WB Resident Representative for India, Junaid Kamal Ahmad said he hopes the visit will boost Bangladesh’s initiative to make the global lender one of its key development partners.

Bangladeshi national, Junaid, had served as the chief of staff to the WB president prior to his India job.

“He is a man with a very positive mind. An optimistic person,” is how he described Kim.

Asked on Kim’s evaluation on Bangladesh, the WB official said, “He has a positive approach since appointed as the chief five years ago.

“He has been closely observing Bangladesh and is now visiting to see for it himself.”

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