Monday , 26 July 2021
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World Sufi Parliament launched in Bangladesh

Chittagong Bureau 

Sufi researchers and spiritual leaders of different countries today launched a forum named “World Sufi Parliament” at this port city here with an aim to regenerate among Muslims the Islamic spirit of interfaith harmony and inclusiveness.

“The aim of the World Sufi Parliament is to work for promoting global peace through instilling among people particularly the Muslims the spiritual teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH,” chief coordinator of newly formed forum Syed Saifuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari told a media briefing.

He said the forum was inspired by the approach of Sufi saints who spread the Prophet’s message in subsequent centauries across the world while the recent emergence of extremism in the name of Islam prompted the followers of Sufi school of thoughts in different countries to join hands in floating the World Sufi Parliament.

Islamic Sufi scholars, imams of different Sufi schools and academics from the United States, India, Morocco, Ukraine, Singapore, Malaysia and Tunisia joined Ahmed in the briefing to announce the emergence of the forum.

“It is a matter of great regret that violence, militancy and extremism are being spread across the world in the name of Islam contrary to its (Islam’s) philosophy of peace, harmony and brotherhood . . . So, it is essential to uphold the Islam’s universal pacifist approach,” Ahmed said.

The forum, he said, would disseminate the Islam’s pacifist ideology practiced by the Sufi schools through seminars, conferences, inter-religious dialogues and other possible means.

The forum comprised Dr Aziz Idris of Morocco, Mufti Ahmad Tamim of Ukraine, Md Abbas Niazi of India, Liakat Ali Bin Md Omar of Singapore, Dr Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar of the United States, Sheikh Ismail Bin Kashem of Malaysia and Majen Sherif of Tunisia.

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